Valentina Mathias - Akashic Earth Records grounded in Gaia's Wisdom

Valentina Mathias, Akashic Master Healer

Peaceful, calm, happy on the inside Wild Free You have feelings about things
You intuitively know when something is wrong
You intuitively know when something is right
Something happened to you
Something is broken Lost 
Somewhere along the line your knowledge got killed
Your inner knowing was challenged   
But you did not disappear
You're back    
And ready to reclaim your connection to Soul Self, Your birthright, Your knowledge
to your





Guided Nature Meditations - self-healing with Gaia


Hello there – thank you for popping by. How are you travelling today?
Do you know you are a spiral of beautiful energy twirling and flowing from the beginning of time, transitioning in and out of cycles, in and out of lifetimes? That is how I view you; I see everything in colour.
This ‘unique spiral of energy that is you’ is an important concept I want to honour in you – it’s important because often we think life is linear – that issues we have resolved should have a beginning and an end, that life itself has a beginning and an end. That is not how energy works, and you are, my friend, pure energy and consciousness, who has worked very hard to figure out how to be in a physical body on Gaia (Earth). You never came here expecting to become an expert at opening and shutting doors, life just treats us that way and we take it on as personal law.

Not only are you a magnificent fractalling spiral of energy with access to lifetimes of wisdom, but you have also brought your Sacred Geometry with you – the equations of who you are and what you want to manifest (bring into form) while you are here – your challenges! I have created this website to provide you with access to me via some thorough and effective energy healing processes, sessions, activations and teachings– to assist you with navigating your self-healing lifestyle in the modern world. My specialty is very precise preparation and protocols downloaded from the Akashic Library combined with my intuitive perspective and unconditional love as an energy healer. My great love is the Akashic Earth Records – yes you read right – I am Akashic, have always had one foot in both worlds and one of my ‘jobs’ this incarnation has been to land this field of energy back in the core of Gaia, she has her wisdom back and we have safe, grounded clear access to our lifetimes of personal and cosmic wisdom back – I talk about this in one of my free preview lessons ‘Welcome and a bit about me’. I run my course on a platform called Thinkific – you can sign up to Thinkific to see the free preview lessons – they are there for you, not a trick for me to get your email by the way. Practitioner Training and Teacher Training are in the spiral pipeline.

Enjoy browsing – sign up to the free zoom meetups on various topics (they will pop up on the pages or you can click the zoom tab), check my online Akashic Records Training out or shoot me through an email.


See you or chat soon. Valentina x