My name is Valentina Mathias


I am an 'Akashic Queen' Master Healer living and working on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. I love that my lifestyle incorporates walking on the beach every day and meditating/healing for 2hrs every morning. I also often walk in the forest - this helps me to remain connected to nature and feel happy, grounded and balanced most of the time - I believe we have an ancestral relationship with the plant kingdom going back centuries.

Three things people say about me:

I am a peaceful, floating energy field.

My teaching methods are innovative, practical and effective.

I am nurturing to be around and often 'save client's lives' when they are in crisis.


Qualifications & Areas of Expertise:

Karuna Reiki Master teacher and practitioner.

Akashic Records teacher and practitioner.

Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healer.

Crystal Whisperer.

Quantum Ho'oponopono facilitator and practitioner.

doTERRA pure essential oils advocate, teacher and mentor.

Particular area of interest:

Anything extra-ordinary. I don't do average well; it just doesn't sit with me. If you are looking for genuine powerful and positive change in your life then I'm your Healer.

If you are interested in making a connection to the Akashic Records; then I would like you to book in with me for anything listed under the Akashic tab.  I am an Akashic Queen. My Soul Lineage is the Akashic Royal Line - this is about 1000 times more powerful than almost any other Akashic Reader or Healer you will meet. I have incarnated to connect the records back to Gaia's core (completed), and to connect people safely to their Soul Wisdom - ongoing. 






music credit:  Des'ree 'You Gotta Be'