Akashic Records Explained and hw you can learn the Akashic Earth Records for self-healing on your personal soul journey - with Valentina Mathias, Master Akashic Healer

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contain a vibrational record of every Soul and its journey. The feel of this energetic field is extremely refined, crystal clear, sparkling clean and imbued with unconditional love, personal safety and genuine goodwill. When I teach people how to enter the Akashic Library they often burst into tears from the sheer intensity of unconditiona love and connection to their Soul truth … very beautiful and a little bit scary the first time … but safe, always very safe and loving. The word “Akasha,” is a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance” –‘that out of which all things are formed’ and from the perspective of the records all Souls are eternal and the Akasha energy itself, although interpreted in different ways by different cultures, religions and organized belief systems, is generally recognised as love, light, peace, power, beauty, harmony, joy, strength, order and balance. The Records are known in every spiritual tradition. For example, in the Judeo-Christian tradition as both “The Book of Life” and “The Book of God’s Remembrance.” On a simplistic level, it is like a library in the sky maintained and protected by Light Beings. In fact this is how I first discovered my connection, by dreaming as a young child of being escorted into a 'library in the sky' and pulling out scrolls to read, sitting in a circle with ‘tall men in robes’ and being talked to at length and in great details about various events, both planetary and personal.


Reading and healing in the Akashic Records is not fortune telling, it is your own personal journey to retrieve actual information from your Soul records to accurately target the real causes & solutions for current 'problems'. The ultimate goal of accessing this profound source of wisdom is to release your Soul’s highest potential - to figure out what you are here to do, and how to do it. The information garnered is specific to the questions asked by you or the client and can range from everyday answers to practical questions … to resolving deep karmic ties and lifetime patterns (current and past). Whatever comes up for a participant when they attend Akashic Earth Soul Healing days can sometimes be confronting - please be assured the whole day is constructed with attention paid to setting up a safe high vibrational space that is extremely gentle … healing on a deep level and exquisitely beautiful to experience for the client. Know that what your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones decide to tell you about yourself is exactly what you need to know at this point in time in order to resolve the current crisis and better understand your personal soul journey. Clarity, peace and joy are common states after a visit to the Akashic Field.  People’s lives are genuinely changed for the better and they often report back that they feel they are functioning at a higher level in their daily lives.

You can navigate via the menu bar to book in your own personal reading. Also I have recorded some wonderful free preview lessons in my online Akashic Records training, watching or listening to them will help understand more about the Akashic Earth Records, and what led me to this journey. You can access them here.  You will have to sign up for a free account with Thinkific to see them - it's easy and I don't bombard you with emails. (Quite frankly, I have better things to do ... like watch the sun rise and hang out in the Akash.)

Self-healing in the Akashic Library - Akashic Earth Records explained - for personal development and Soul Re-Alignment