Akashic Focus - Distance

10 x 30 MINUTE SESSIONS - $750

You can ask  me to focus on any area of your life, find out your Soul's reason for being  in a specific situation or heal a blockage.  Receive wise, accurate daily information and /or healing direct from the Akashic Earth Records - it's like having your own personal healer for 10 days. 
A txts I have received recently for this new Akashic Focus offering:
" You and your work are incredible.''  
"This is huge - thank you for taking this away - what a gift you are. Thank you."
What you get:

10 consecutive days of Individual Akashic Earth healing for one specific issue. On the first day I send you a picture of the crystal I will be working with daily to represent you.  Also, daily text or email (whichever you prefer) giving you a description of the day's Akashic energy healing; this is clear, concise and exactly what I see and do in the Akash for you during your 30 minute daily boost. 

AKASHIC 10 DAY FOCUS is short daily Akashic Earth Records healing for you (or a loved one) to get some movement on an issue that just won't budge. Focussed and very powerful daily energy healing for 10 consecutive days. You can utilise this service for any area of life.  We are all complete individuals but I have noticed that most people go through a healing crisis with this technique due to the ability of the daily focus to get under the issue and push it out. In simple terms that means it could have a pattern of healing like this - instant relief and breakthrough followed by issue getting worse and then clearing substantially. So I guess you could say it is not for the faint-hearted - but living with some dreadful recurring pain in your life is no fun either.  This type of powerful healing is not for beginers but rather people who are probably healers themselves. 

These sessions are 30 minutes in duration, and I email or txt you a daily update.

This is a special offering, I won't be doing them forever, but for now there is a need for intense healing and I have the energy and skills to do it.

If you would like to book in, please click on the BOOK IN link to choose a daily time and let me know what your issue is. 

Valentina x

Location:  Online Distance Healing