• Andromeda crystal clearings remove specific negative energy fields.

  • then replace the cleaned area with unconditional love and deep peace. 

  • The peace is many-layered and emanates out to all areas of your life

  • Book this healing if you have a recurring problem that annoys you constantly.

  • Clients report that loved ones say to them 'you seem happier and more content with life now'

  • Ideal for people who have a targeted issue to release from their lives (illness, pain, anxiety, addiction, etc)

Andromeda Crystal Clearing

I'm ready to let go and change.


A long-held pattern?


When payment is received I send you a booking schedule with times to choose from in your local time zone. There may be up to 8 hours delay as I like to keep an eye on my appointments myself (I may be asleep when you sign up). You and all my clients are very important to me and I never overbook or schedule too many people on the same day.  That way my energy can always be present and optimised for you and your personal journey - your health and well-being is my priority.  

Love and light, Valentina x