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Wed 02 Nov 2022 - Sunrise - 5pm
@ The Elliot Oak

Just as the sky has powerful energy centres called stars,

you also have powerful energy centres ... called chakras.

And believe me, they are just as wonderous.

You may have been asking yourself

  • What exacty are chakras? Perhaps you have heard of them, or played around a little bit with chakra meditations and would like to know more.

  • How can I use chakras in my life? I'll explain and show you exactly how to use each chakra in your daily life. You'll be pleasantly surprised and delighted by how simple it is ... once you know how.

  • Why do people go on about chakras and energy? Everything about you is reflected in your energy systems, including your Chakra Energy Centres. When you activate your chakras and have them operating optimally, the harmony, balance and vibrancy is reflected in your daily life. That is why people love energy and chakras - because it is a simple and extremely enjoyable way to upgrade your life.

  • Will I still be 'magical' after the course finishes? Yes, I give you excellent support materials - you'll have no problem keeping yourself in the Chakra Magic zone. 


We begin early with a Sunrise Chakra Spa at a local magical 'hot spot', and finish with a relaxing Chakra Sound Healing session utilising the beautiful crystal healing bowls that are resident at The Elliot Oak.

If you are eager to learn about these powerful energy centres and really understand exactly how each one works so that you can effect positive change in all areas of your life ... this course is for you. 

If you would enjoy a day of pampering, personal regeneration and a boost to your chakras ... this course if for you. 

For each chakra we cover:

  • Colour

  • Geometry

  • Technical Function

  • Area of Life 

  • Affirmations

All of this will be presented beautifully for you in your manual.

You will receive a helpful gifts to take home:

  • Your manual

  • A smartphone app with a beautiful mediation and helpful quiz type 'chakra check-in'


If you feel this immersive and enchanting Chakra Education day is for you, I invite you to go ahead and book in. Numbers are limited. 

You can also reach out via the contact tab and ask to chat with me about it. 

Yours in loving Soul guidance, 

Valentina xox

Low Income


and low income



Early Bird

book before 26 Oct



Full Course Fee

book before 02 Nov


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