Mondays Are Mine

6 weeks of restorative meditation.

$150 paid up front.

17 Oct - 21 Nov 2016 inclusive.

Morning session:  11am - 1pm

Afternoon session: 2pm -  4pm

  • 2 hour guided meditation and healing.

  • Small groups of 6 participants.

  • Comfortable mats, cushions and rugs to enhance your mental and soulful getaway.

  • Fresh, soft eye pillow to help quiet your mind.

  • doTERRA essential oils to assist and support the process.

  • Crystal elixir water & healthy vegan treats to share afterwards.


“Thank you for the beautiful  healing meditation and allowing me into the Monday group, that was a very special space and experience which I will not soon forget! I learned a few things about myself, I can tell you." Melissa B, Central Coast, NSW.

You know there’s more to life than how you’ve been living it. Every time you hear of how someone accomplished a great feat, or is living life fully, you want to find that same passion; you want life to greet you with success! It is time to come on a guided meditation with me each Monday so we can clear some of the following out of your life: 

  • Chronic illness; Traumatic memories; Emotional fragility; Eating disorders; Constant drama in your life

  • Headaches; Negative behavioural patterns. Finding yourself doing the same action over and over again even though you know it’s not in your best interest.

  • Over-extending yourself, making yourself available to what anyone needs, whenever they need it.

  • People don’t believe in you or your dreams. You hide; or procrastinate.

  • Addiction (drugs, alcohol, TV, food, FB, any activity that doesn’t serve the growth of yourself)

  • Setting wild goals and then getting overwhelmed in the “how to make it happen”

  • Every time you start making some traction, inevitably something comes up that sets you back or stops your progress. Something ALWAYS seems to come up.


Each week you can expect to feel a stronger connection to your own wisdom, personal well-being and empowerment; finding yourself with a gentle yet definite sense of purpose and passion in life. Your relationships will become healthier, more accepting and less fraught with chronic miss-understandings. You will start to feel that the world around you respects and honours who you are. Will you manifest the perfect life for yourself? Expect miracles! They seem to abound around me at the moment. Book in and I'll take you on a regenerative guided mediation each Monday where you will be able to deeply relax, regenerate and infuse different areas of your daily life with your true authentic self.

Mondays Are Mine, 6 weeks of restorative meditation.

$150 paid up front.

17 Oct - 21 Nov 2016 inclusive.

Morning session:  11am - 1pm

Afternoon session: 2pm -  4pm