What is .... a Crystal Grid?

  Manifestation, Magic and Mayhem! It’s all in there in your crystal grid as you send Love and Light to yourself and/or others, re-invigorating healing and abundance in all areas of your life. As you activate and direct crystals for vibrational (or energetic) clearance be prepared for change … that’s where the mayhem can come in! You may find after a week or so you have the feeling of enhanced inner guidance … a renewed confidence in your own abilities to navigate every area of your life.

  Clear a small area for your crystal grid that you can keep just for you – I have one on the dresser in my bedroom and one in my healing room for clients. In the middle place a picture of yourself and/or a friend you wish to help; write something positive on the back. You could also write down goals on a piece of paper. Place your central crystal on top of the papers/pictures – the central crystal is traditionally an amethyst pyramid but you could also use a single pointed crystal, a double terminated crystal, a cluster or a crystal ball. Then you place six crystals around the edge pointing towards the centre – the six crystals around the grid are usually quartz crystals pointed on one end. (Lemurian crystals are EXCELLENT if you are lucky enough to be a custodian of any of these.) The final crystal is a ‘master crystal’ which is placed off to the side; this crystal needs to be longer than the other ones – I use an amethyst laser crystal for my grids. 

  So now your crystal grid is set up and ready to be charged each day – this process can take as little as a few minutes and keeps the grid working. To charge the grid you pick up the master crystal and move it from each outer crystal to the centre, then back again to the same outer crystal. You go around the whole grid in a counter-clockwise direction- repeating this motion in and out until you have completed a whole circle. If you feel guided to move clockwise around the circle, then do so; there is no right and wrong – tune into your own intuition. As you move around the gird with your master crystal say something positive like ‘I charge this grid with Love and Light …. or Peace and Harmony … whatever feels good to you; choose words that you can feel have positive power as you speak them.

  Now that it is all set up, use your grid to send healing to situations or people and to manifest desired outcomes … place all your intentions under the central crystal. I pull all my notes, affirmations and photos out every few weeks to do a bit of housekeeping – it is a wonderful feeling looking through them all and saying “Yes! Done! Needs more time! Don’t care anymore! S/he’s healed! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”