Distance - Sacred Geometry Activations


SACRED GEOMETRY ACTIVATIONS are exquisite and magical and have become a favourite with my regular clients who have a burning question or two to ask and don't wish to book in for a full Akashic Reading with me. 


You set up a nice area at your end to receive your healing, or just lie in bed. I encourage you to make a sacred space for yourself with crystals, flowers, candles, feathers, essentail oils, sage ... whatever is relaxing and nurturing for you. We chat on the phone or via video conferencing. Then you lie down whilst I do the distance healing. I don't keep the phone/video lines open during the session as it is a distraction to me but I do send you a transcript afterwards. Plus I call you when it is finished to chat about what occured in your session. 

I have recorded a hypnotic Chakra Balancing guided meditation called 'Vibrancy' which you  can download and play on your end if you wish (see below). Or you can use your own music if you have special relaxation/healing music that you like.


I set up a channel using crystals to represent you and start by giving you an energy clearing. Then I create a connection and ask your Soul Self the questions you have.   I continue to ‘read’ you and bring in Source energy to activate your personal geometry in each Chakra.  We all have our own specific 'equation' we are trying to achieve in life - bringing it into form is what I am working with. If possible, I also activate your Merkaba, usually in 5D Light. This might not happen the first time - it depends on what stage your Sacred Geometry is at, or is wanting for you on the day. 

I talk to your Soul Self, or your Past Self, or your Future Self – whoever it is that we need the most to step forward and explain the dynamic behind your question and give you advice on how to proceed. I take notes so that I can send them to you afterwards.


This is a shorter session than a full Akashic Records Soul Reading, and is directed towards people who have one or two big issues to resolve; or perhaps are at a crossroads in life - an intense moment where they need some input from another aspect of themselves.



If you would like to book in, please let me know and we can look at available dates.  

Location: Online