Distance White Light Healing with Reiki

  • White light guided meditation.

  • Hypnotic mp3 for you to download and follow along - it is below for you.

  • I encourage you to set up a nurturing space at your end so you can float away and heal.

  • Experience deep hypnotic healing with the ancient practice of Karuna Reiki and you will leave feeling more relaxed, and deeply connected to you with Master Healer, Valentina Mathias


“I had a wild and wonderful out of body experience. I could have sworn a whole day and night had passed. I don’t know where I went. But I feel amazing.

Can we do this again next week?”   SG, Holgate, NSW, Australia


We chat via phone or video call beforehand, and then I message you afterwards to know the session has finished and then send you a transcript.


Valentina Mathias, experienced, powerful local healer at your service.

White Light Healing
60 min session $75