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Symphony of the Cells Essential Oil Treatment
Reiki & Sound Healing

30 min session $55
  • Uplifting essential oil experience

  • Hypnotic deeply relaxing music

  • A healing channel open for blissful relaxation

  • Pressure point foot massage

  • Singing bowl sound healing over your entire body

  • Experience deep energy healing and release as you receive a beautiful regenerative session for specific body systems. Leave feeling regenerated, relaxed and balanced.  The most common thing clients say coming out of these sessions is "I feel so good now, I think I went into another zone for a while there. I feel like I have been here for hours."

What is a Symphony of the Cells treatment?

This is an application of carefully chosen essential oils on your spine and whole back, and your feet. They are specific to whatever body system needs assistance and support on any given day. Your body systems are: Cardiovascular, Digestive, Emotional & Limbic, Endocrine, Immune, Integumentary, Nervous, Respiratory, Musculoskeletal, and Urinary. 


The collection of massage protocols was formulated by Boyd Truman to create harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body. Each protocol is specific to a system of the body allows us to target ailments. The oils are applied along the spine from your sacral to your crown; rubbed on your whole back, held under your nose for you to inhale, rubbed on the soles of your feet. I also give your feet an amazing pressure point massage ... because you deserve to be spoilt as I reset you.

What Are The Benefits Of a Symphony Of The Cells Pampering Treatment?

The oil application part of the session is simple, effective and relaxing to receive. The treatment is designed to bring harmony physically, emotionally, and spiritually within the body. Each of the applications I use (there are 19 to choose from) address a body system and/or area of the body allowing for a focused approach to the symptoms and underlying causes of many ailments and illnesses.  Our bodies deserve this level of support and regeneration - we put them through so much stress on a daily basis. 

30 min session $55
Pure Essential Oil Symphony of the Cells treatment with Chakra Healing, Reiki & Tibetan Singing bowl sound healing - with Valentina Mathias
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