Goddess Temple Visit


  • We start by me opening safe healing channels for you to connect with your personal Wisdom

  • As we proceed with a soft touch gentle massage using pure essential oils, the energy channels of your body light up under my hands so that I can release old and stuck patterns - blockages are massaged and energetically guided out

  • Magnesium salt scrubs for your back and feet - to cleanse and detoxify

  • Hot towel wash on back and feet

  • Hypnotic white light guided meditation

  • Chakra toning

  • Tibetan singing bowl sound healing

  • Karuna Reiki

  • Fresh, soft eye pillow to help quiet your mind 

  • As I continue to massage and heal your physical and energy bodies, you are released to go on your own journey of discovery - you enter your own Goddess Temple

  • This is your sacred space and is different for every woman, always creative and powerful.

  • I finish by sealing your aura and grounding your personal energy in the here and now, so you can benefit fully in your everyday life from your Goddess Temple visit.



"Had an absolutely AMAZING, releasing, nurturing, revealing and profound Goddess Temple Visit healing session with the wonderfully talented Valentina Mathias at Forresters Beach today!

I found all her skills weaved together for me in such a personally powerful experience and allowed me to drop deeply into my own healing space where many significant shifts, revelations and adjustments took place.

I also love the way that she totally honours and allows for my preferences and requests, knowing that I am in tune with what resonates for me, and doesn't try to pressure or judge or convince me in any way to try or take on things that don't feel right. She trusts I know what is right for me. And thus I am also able to completely trust her to open and work in the energetic space of my body and spirit and allow myself to drop deeply into my Wise Space.

Thank you Goddess that was incredible!!!. Thank you so much for doing what you do and being here for us when we need it."

KP, Bateau Bay, NSW, Australia


I invite you to enjoy a glass of crystal elixir water afterwards. I also provide pen and paper to write and draw your experiences, insights and creative projects.


Valentina Mathias, Goddess Temple healer at your service.

Temple Goddess Visit
2.5hr session $250