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Learn Akashic Records, Receive Energy heaing, Sacred Geometry Activation, Reiki & Crystal Healing, discover your Soul Purpose and become your Higher Self with Valentina Mathias, Master Akashic Healer



  • I am a peaceful, floating energy field.

  • My teaching methods are innovative, practical and effective.

  • I am nurturing to be around and people feel better for having spent time with me.



  • "Shachara Spas" These are conducted on Sun Power days.

  • "Born Akashic" Akashic Earth Records teacher,  practitioner and mentor.

  • "The Tree and Me" doTERRA pure essential oils advocate, teacher and mentor.​

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healer.

  • Karuna Reiki Master teacher and practitioner.

  • Crystal healing


Growing up I was often confused by events in my daily life that I thought had already happened (because I had dreamed them) and couldn’t understand why people were surprised or upset. Sometimes I also couldn’t differentiate between living and passed Souls because they looked the same to me and being a child, they just chatted normally to me about this and that, no particular bells and whistles, no special messages but once again it confused me, eg, I couldn’t understand the grieving process or funeral masses when as far as I was concerned the person everyone else was grieving over was not dead at all, I thought everyone had made a huge mistake. In retrospect, I must have been a strange child. Not that psychic ability or seeing dead relatives was an alien concept in my matriarchal Irish/Welsh family. Grandma’s spirit inhabited our home in Auckland, New Zealand (she was often seen at the end of the hallway), and when we moved to Australia, she went to live with one of my sisters. Being ‘fey’ (what we now generally call psychic) is just part of being Irish, especially before death. They know when someone is preparing to pass over because they become fey. My great-grandmother was a renowned healer who travelled the countryside (in Ireland) laying her hands on injuries and setting bones. She was wild and wonderful and died in a horse and buggy accident - driving the horses way too fast. I feel very strongly that my empathic healing gifts come from my mother and her sisters and generations back of soft but strong women from Nenagh in Ireland. Their ability to understand and embrace all types of people is amazing and inspiring.


In my teens I gravitated to various spiritual groups for higher consciousness and personal development - in an endeavour to understand my dreams and the colours I saw in and around people – auras or electromagnetic energy fields. I now know we all have an energetic body that exactly mirrors our physical body.  No one group or another really resonated with me, and some were quite controlling which didn't appeal to me at all!


Fast forward to me in my 20s attending a live-in 5 day Sand Play therapy course in the Blue Mountains, north of Sydney, Australia. One morning I was looking tired and announced how exhausted I was. One of the wonderful older women asked me if there were emotional issues coming up for me that stopped me from sleeping. Before I even realised the words were out of my mouth I said


“No! I have been in the 'Library in the Sky' all night! I read all this information about all of us, the equations that make our lives work … and I can’t remember any of it properly”


She sat me down and got me to explain about the dreams I have had all my life and then told me it was the Akashic Records and this is a very valuable and rare gift I have, a gift that is sought after by many people. She really impressed on me how valuable my gift was.


I was overwhelmed, enrolled in art school and never spoke of it again … or so I thought.


The dreams didn’t stop. After a while I shared knowledge with friends, gave them tips, insights and warnings and framed it as my 'intuitive perspective'. I got to a place of understanding that the Akashic Library dreams helped to give me an extra dimension of understanding of our 3D reality. I gravitated towards energetic and crystal healing and consulted therapists to heal various aspects of my own personal pain in this lifetime. I always felt like the mermaid from childhood stories who chose to live on land with her beloved Prince … with the price being that she always felt like she was walking on knives.


Then one day many years ago I was looking through an online spiritual bookshop and saw a book by Linda Howe “How to read the Akashic Records”. I thought ‘this will be interesting’ and purchased it. In the book, Linda shares a pathway prayer process that she sought permission from the Lords of the Akasha to publish for general use. It was wonderful! It enabled me to meditate, walk across to the Akasha for healing, guidance, spend time with my soul family and then simply walk back again … and all done in daylight! (The original pathway prayer process actually is an Mayan Shammanic system of accessing the Akash - a  Sacred Prayer process). I now have chanelled and developed my own Akashic Earth Records system of reading and healing in the Akashic Records which you can access via online or in-person training here.  My method is grounded in Gaia's wisdom, safe, nurturing and thorough- almost magical with an 'Akashic Earth Invocation' instead of a 'Pathway Prayer'.

As a Master Healer, my speciality is holding a safe and protected space of unconditional love so that you can learn the lessons your blockages are trying to communicate to you, and let go with love and compassion for yourself and others – using my skills, both learnt and natural, to clear pathways for you … debunking the myths you hold about yourself … manifesting dreams. It is not really about getting rid of distressed energy - more a case of re-harmonising it. 


Ancient Mayan Shamans worked miracles healing our ‘Rivers Of Light’ (life-force). They would gently pulse your body to make the rivers (energy lines) light up so they could see where the blockages were. How do we massage out the blockages for ourselves?  Using a range of techniques taught to me by my Akashic Guides, I will be helping, teaching and healing you … enabling you to transform patterns in your life: negative emotions, limiting thought patterns, unwanted habits and recurring issues. The idea is that then you will be able to feel emanating from your heart a free-flowing clean river … bringing peace, love and prosperity to your physical body and daily life. 


It is my life’s passion to assist and heal you; to facilitate you accessing your inner wisdom, to support your process of self-healing.  I can help you access information, guidance, healing and a feeling of being deeply connected with your own intuition and knowledge, free of restrictive baggage. I believe all of your ‘damage’ exists because of disconnection to Mother Earth (Gaia), Father Sun, Spirit Consiousness and Soul Wisdom.


The solution is always in the Heart … unconditional love for self and others.


Some of my clients I have known for years, other’s come and go, always with the greatest respect and love.  I would feel deeply honoured to treat you and/or teach & mentor you - to weave my magic in and around you.

Yours in loving Soul guidance, Valentina xox

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