Welcome to the Lemurian Protocol  

3 x intense Lemurian Hall energy clearing treatments - 60min duration each.

This package also includes:

Custom Integration Video


Valentina addresses you personally.

Customised 15min daily meditation


Valentina records this for you after your 1st session so that you can keep the flow of healing gently activated daily.

"I always fall asleep in the meditation and wake up refreshed in the mornings now; I no longer worry about what other people think of me, I have never felt like that before. I have had this anxiety my whole life; and now it is gone."

Grant, Michigan, USA



3 x Individual

Crystal Grid layouts


Designed specifically for you. These can be used as screen savers if you wish.

Please note: these healings are extremely powerful and life-changing.



 Can I just get one Lemurian Hall Healing and not the whole package?                                             


This option is not available because the energy clearing is too strong by itself.

The whole package is required to soothe your soul and integrate the clearing effectively and lovingly into your daily life. 


 Who are the Lemurians?                                                                                                                         


The Lemurians are light beings who were on this earth before the time of Atlantis.  They were human-like but taller.  They lived in complete harmony with the earth's resources, held a space of unconditional love as a daily practice, communicated telepathically and utilised crystals grids for energy and clearing work.  They have maintained connection with us and are here to help when called upon.  I persoanally feel and see and converse with them daily. 


 What is a Lemurian Hall?                                                                                                                       


I have worked for years with a group of light beings called the Lemurian High Council.  They have recently shown me a large room or hall full of Lemurian Beings.  During the energy clearing session I envisage you in this hall and they conduct the energy or pattern clearing by activating an issue, illness or pattern and then bombarding it with unconditional love directly from their heart chakras.  I see them as tall human like beings in blue robes but you may like to imagine them as positive energy fields full of goodwill for you and your journey in life.  If required during the session I wil also send healing to different parts of your body. 


 What do I do during the energy clearing sessions - are we on skype?                                                


I call you via skype or phone before the session to touch base.  Then we hang up and you lie down while I conduct the session in my healing room in Australia.  During the session I type notes describing what is happening.  At the end of the session I email you these notes as a transcript of your session plus a photo of the healing crystal grid I have made for you. I wait for you to reply (sometimes clients fall asleep) and if there is time we have another chat via skype or phone. If there is not time, we touch base later in the day or later in the week.


 I live in a different part of the world to you, how do we manage our session times?                         


I work from 5am - 11pm, I am sure we will be able to find a time that suits us both. The booking calender I send you with time-slot choices wil be in your local timezone. 


 How do I book in?                                                                                                                                    


Start by having a 15 min chat with me via skype or phone (depending on your location). If we are a good fit, I wil send you my booking schedlule so you can choose some times and we will proceed from there, with final confirmation of times being when payment is received.