Lionsgate and You

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Receive the benefits of the Lionsgate Portal

A stream of Golden Abundance Light streaming into every area of your life.

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Yours in balance, harmony, peace & abundance



What is Lionsgate?

Lionsgate Portal is a Celestial Event where the star Sirius has come across the sky and is in perfect alignment with our Sun and Earth sending a boost of Golden Abundance Light down to all of us.

It is a powerful time to manifest your greatest desires

for yourself

and for Peace on Earth


Sunrise Shachara Spa

One of the most beautiful energy meditations on Earth

Recorded fresh on the morning on Lionsgate


Play this as often as you like

nb - 'Chakra' is pronouned 'Shachara' because words have vibrationan and 'Shachara' is open and expansive.

Relax and Enjoy