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Mother's Day Special
Blissful 'float away' Essential Oil Treatment
with Crystal Bowl Sound Healing & Foot Massage

1hr session $85
Location: The Elliot Oak
29 North Terrace, Port Elliot
  • Uplifting essential oils  experience

  • Hypnotic deeply relaxing music

  • A healing channel open for blissful relaxation.

  • Crystal singing bowl sound healing over your entire body.

  • Experience deep energy healing and release as you receive a beautiful regenerative session tailored to your Mum's specific needs. Leave feeling healed, relaxed and without a care in the world. 


What is an essential oils treatment?

This is an application of carefully chosen essential oils on your spine and whole back, and your feet -specific to what your needs are on the day. 

Float away as I give you a pressure point foot massage 

This both rubs the oils more deeply into your body and makes them more effective for you. We have 72,000 nerve ending on the bottom of each foot so gently pressing the pressure points after applying the oils is like accessing the superhighway of relaxation. 

1hr session $85
Pure Essential Oil Symphony of the Cells treatment with Chakra Healing, Reiki & Tibetan Singing bowl sound healing - with Valentina Mathias
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