Welcome to my Secret  Healers Academy (coming soon).

 3 subscription levels - lifetime access to lessons. 


$58 USD per month

  • Fortnightly lesson ... as listed below.

  • Quiz to help you retain knowledge.

  • Positivity video boost btwn lessons.

  • Private facebook group.



$98 USD per month

  • Fortnightly lesson ... as listed below.

  • Quiz to help you retain knowledge.

  • Positivity video boost btwn lessons.

  • Private facebook group.

  • 40 min guided meditation exclusive to the Secret Healers Academy



$198 USD per month

  • Fortnightly lesson ... as listed below.

  • Quiz to help you retain knowledge.

  • Positivity video boost btwn lessons.

  • Private facebook group.

  • 60 min guided meditation exclusive to the Secret Healers Academy.

  • Personal meditation from Valentina when you sign up, addresing issue o your choice. 

  • Group energy clearing w Valentina every month.

  • Email support.



 Lesson  1:     Hawaiian Ho’oponopono – explanation & techniques for easy, instant results.                                                                              


 Lesson  2:    Traditional  North American Sage Smudging w applications for enhanced results.                                                                               


 Lesson  3:    Healing with Crystals – activation, tuning in, what to use & when, cleaning.                                                                                        


 Lesson  4:    Chakras - toning, balancing, meaning, activation, connection to Gaia’s (Earth) chakras.                                                                      


 Lesson  5:    Tibetan singing bowl healing, correct usage, how to clear your body, home & loved ones.                                                                


 Lesson  6:    Meditation – deeply relaxing , Valentina’s original 3 step process;  effective techniques.                                                                      


 Lesson  7:    Tibetan Antakarana symbols – healing wounds and activating Inner Wisdom; returning to self                                                               


 Lesson  8:    Akashic Records & Healing – definition and activation for you. Valentina’s speciality.                                                                        


 Lesson  9:    Tapping – history & different methods. Practice releasing pain; activating life-force & clarity.                                                               


 Lesson 10:    Law of Attraction – definition, clear instructions, exercises, how to raise your vibration.                                                               


 Lesson 11:     Crystal Grids – why, how, when and where for manifestation. Golden ratio grids. Wheel of Life.                                                           


 Lesson 12:     Laughter Yoga – generating endorphins to release stress & pain, lots of fun & daily tips.                                                                    


 Lesson 13:     Oracle card reading, traditional spreads & meanings, including numerology. Make your own.                                                              


 Lesson 14:     Ho’oponopono –  advanced inner child healing, pattern clearing & manifestation.                                                                          


 Lesson 15:     Akashic Records & Healing – advanced activation & advanced techniques.                                                                                          


 Lesson 16:     Safe Landing – how to harness the energy of a crisis propel yourself into a new, better reality.                                                        


 Lesson 17:     Whale dreaming – sound healing, whale lineage & you, whale wisdom.                                                                                              


 Lesson 18:     Atlantean dreaming – entering the Atlantean time and healing in the crystal gardens.                                                                          


 Lesson 19:     Mayan 13 Moon Calendar – getting into the creative flow of time. Detailed work, deep healing.                                                          


 Lesson 20:     Manifestation Royalty – Innovative  creation of your Kingdom of Happiness, Health and Wealth.                                                     



Do I get a new lesson every fortnight?  

Yes you do.  

You also receive a positivity boost video from me to keep you motivated every other fortnight.


I just want to start with Wisdom to see how if this Academy is a good fit for me.  Can I upgrade to Balnce and Joy when I feel ready?

Yes you can upgrade or downgrade at any time to suit your needs and financial flow.


I thought I would like this but I don't, can I opt out at any time?

Yes you can, I don't believe in autocracy and I encourage you to exercise your free will. 


Valentina, will you be waving a magic wand and transporting me to a magical kingdom where everyone loves me and all my needs are met?

If you have read this far I don't think you really believe that a maiden on a Unicorn or a Prince on a white horse is going to come and save you; but if they do,  please let me know - I would like to interview them.  You have my 100% assurance that I will be loving you, encouraging you, teaching you and gifting you extra cool stuff to keep you inspired ... all because my one aim is to Empower You.




Lesson  1:     Hawaiian Ho’oponopono.


Lesson  2:    Traditional Sage Smudging.


Lesson  3:    Healing with Crystals.


Lesson  4:    Chakras - toning.


Lesson  5:    Tibetan singing bowl healing.


Lesson  6:    Meditation – deeply relaxing.


Lesson  7:    Tibetan Antakarana symbols.


Lesson  8:    Akashic Records & Healing.


Lesson  9:    Tapping – history & different methods.


Lesson 10:    Law of Attraction – raise your vibration.


Lesson 11:     Crystal Grids.


Lesson 12:     Laughter Yoga – generating endorphins.


Lesson 13:     Oracle card reading.


Lesson 14:     Ho’oponopono –  advanced.


Lesson 15:     Akashic Records & Healing – advanced.


Lesson 16:     Safe Landing – new, better reality.


Lesson 17:     Whale dreaming – whale wisdom.


Lesson 18:     Atlantean dreaming – crystal gardens.


Lesson 19:     Mayan 13 Moon Calendar.


Lesson 20:     Manifestation Royalty.