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Dragonfly Silk and Ancestral Trees: A Journey into the Akashic Fae Kingdom

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

I went for a wander ... I wandered right into a tree and climbed through into another realm.

As I step out of the tree, I find myself standing in a familiar land, a place I have visited often - the Akashic Fae Kingdom. The trees tower high into the sky, and the grass is so green it seems to sparkle like diamonds. I sigh a deep sigh of release, it is always so good to be here in this magical realm beyond the physical world, inhabited by the Fae who possess extraordinary powers and are blessed with immense wisdom and knowledge. I take a moment to breathe.

Being here again, 12 days before Equinox, I am enchanted to first see the mischievous elves who taught me how to dance with the fireflies and speak with the trees - how to listen and how to respond. We have a little laugh together. I then meander along, loving being in a wondrous space where I can explore the mystical forests, meditate in quiet groves, and commune with the plants, animals and elementals that inhabit this realm.

One of the most unique aspects of the Akashic Fae people is their clothing. They wear robes made of a special thread that is gifted to them by the dragonflies, which they call the "Dragonfly Silk." This silk is incredibly strong and lightweight, and it shimmers with an iridescent sheen that changes colour depending on the angle of the light. The Dragonfly Silk is highly prized by the Akashic Fae people and is considered a symbol of their connection to the natural world. Legend has it that the dragonflies, who are considered the guardian totems of the Akashic Fae Kingdom, share their thread with the faeries as a symbol of their connection and their shared values, their understanding of the cycles of life.

The inhabitants of the Akashic Fae Kingdom are deeply connected to the natural world and to the Universal energy that surrounds us all. They live in harmony with the natural world and the laws of the Universe, and they have an intricate understanding of the hidden forces that govern the Universe. They spend their days exploring the magic of their domain, discovering the secrets of the Universe, and living in perfect harmony with nature. Everything they do has a lightness to it - a ‘lightness of be-ing’. The Akashic Fae people have shown me that there is a deep connection between all living beings and the Universe. They have taught me that we must learn to listen and respond to the world around us, just like they do. It is only then that we can truly understand the mysteries of the Universe and live in harmony with nature. They tell me often, “You have everything that you need to understand all that there is.”

This Akashic Fae ‘otherworld’ is curated by a wise and gentle female Fae Being. She possesses vast knowledge of the Akashic Records, a cosmic database that holds the history of all Souls and events throughout time. She can access the records and use the information to guide her people and make decisions that benefit the entire kingdom, including those humans of the Fae line, like myself (and perhaps like you).

As an Akashic Fae, I know that our special lineage is often incarnated into healers, travellers, and those who work with horses. Organic spirals are important - I am often reminded to walk with spirals on the soles of my feet. Additionally, we have a rite of passage to choose our own name. We also know the magic of elderberries, which are linked to the stones buried around elderberry trees that have organic-looking spirals on them. If you look, and if you are Fae, you will find them.

One of my favourite rituals in the Akashic Fae Kingdom is the "Rite of the Ancestral Trees." It is a ceremony that connects us to the ancient spirits of the trees that have watched over our ancestors for generations. The ceremony takes place in a sacred grove of trees that is the oldest and most revered in the Fae Kingdom. The trees are massive and tower high into the sky, their branches spreading out like a great canopy that shades the ground beneath.

As the ceremony begins, my Fae kin and I form a circle around the oldest tree in the grove. We wear robes made of Dragonfly Silk and hold hands as we close our eyes and begin to chant softly. The chanting gradually becomes louder and more intense, and soon the entire group is singing a beautiful melody that echoes through the grove. As we sing, we sway back and forth, our movements mirroring the gentle swaying of the trees in the breeze.

During the ceremony, we feel a deep sense of connection to the ancient spirits of the trees. We believe that these spirits hold the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors, and that by connecting with them, we can tap into this knowledge and gain a greater understanding of our place in the world, the part we play. As the chanting reaches its climax, the oldest tree in the grove comes to life, its branches rustling and swaying in time with our singing. The tree is a conduit for the spirits of our ancestors, and we believe that by touching it, we can connect with these spirits and receive their blessings.

One by one, we step forward and place our hands on the trunk of the tree, feeling its rough bark beneath our fingers. As we do so, we feel a deep sense of peace and connection, as though we are being embraced by the spirits of our ancestors. The ceremony concludes with us sharing stories and memories of our ancestors, passing down their wisdom and knowledge to the next generation. We also tell stories of our human counterparts who share our Fae lineage, keeping both worlds vibrant and inter-connected by our stories and memories.

During this visit to the grove, I ask how to prepare for the upcoming Equinox. The wise female Fae Being advises me to walk among the trees, drink elderberry tea, relax and pay attention to my dreams. This is the way to prepare for Equinox, and it fills me with a renewed sense of purpose and connection to my Fae heritage - it also reminds me how easy life is when one dreams, flows and trusts.

nb - on the East Coast of Australia, the Autumn Equinox is 21 March @ 8.24am.

Equinox all over the world is a time of balance and harmony between the Earth and the Sun, reflecting the harmonious relationship between all celestial bodies in the galaxy.

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