Power up your Positivity

True freedom from major life patterns ... you can look forward to feeling intense Joy as deep long-held issues and patterns cascade off you like a waterfall.

Suitable for all areas of life.

3 x intense Lemurian Hall energy clearing treatments - 60min duration.

This package also includes:

Integration Video


Valentina teaches you how how to integrate your energy body into your physical body after each meditation, thus giving you instant positive results in your daily life.

Customised 15min daily meditation

Valentina records this for you after your 1st session so that you can keep the flow of healing gently activated daily.

Good morning, just wanted to let you know the meditation is going well. It sounds different every time!

Shahrin, NSW, Australia


I always fall asleep in the meditation and wake up refreshed in the mornings now; I no longer worry about what other people think of me, I have never felt like that before. I have had this anxiety my whole life; and now it is gone.

Grant, Michigan, USA



3 x Individual

Crystal Grid layouts

Designed specifically for you. These can be used as screen savers if you wish.

The benefits start immediately – in the first week you will develop a positive mindset so strong yet graceful, people will think you were born that way. By the end of the first month your whole life will  have changed for the better.  

You see we are vibrational beings, a floating fields of energy in a mechanical body that breathes and eats and walks and talks  … this is why the real change happens inside and is  then reflected in your outer world ... how you show up in the world.

Trust me, you are about to start enjoying the journey of life not a little,

but a whole lot more.


  $28 USD  


Please note: these healings are extremely powerful, deeply relaxing and life-changing.  

$375 USD


  August Special: $245 USD  




Hi there Valentina.  Honestly I have been feeling so bombarded and overwhelmed. Yesterday I had a mini panic attack ... OMG the affirmation meditation was fabulous! I loved it and have listened to it twice. Soo good!!

MC, Ontario, Cananda


The positivity meditation was spectacular....baby steps...just taking today gently. I am excited deep down...it is like waiting to open a Christmas present (she is referring to the daily affirmations).

CO, New South Whales, Australia