My favourite testimonial


Introducing ... Valentina Mathias, of Balance Begins With me, a peaceful, skilled practitioner of several healing modalities. Her energy is beautiful and exquisite; anybody who has met her will agree with me.
I recently participated in a survery on her site, and she gifted me a 15minute 'Joy' meditation. Hearing my own name in her soothing, calm voice at the beginning of the meditation personalised the guidance and helped me to feel connected to my own Joy journey, an especially appreciated tool to help me with my current phase of life. I strongly recommend them.  Her personal 15 minute Joy, Wisdom, and Balance meditations are amazing value and ready in only 48 hours!.
Valentina also offers a range of healing sessions in  person or via skype, and training days for people interested in the Akashic Library.  I have recently completed an illuminating intensive Akashic training session with my boyfriend and can personally recommend this service as a bonding, awareness-raising activity with a treasured partner. 
Her true gift though is her willingnsess and availablity to activate healing for you whenever an energy or issue arises that needs to be shifted; her website acts as an automatic go-to resource for all her quality services. 

Thank you Veronica Rose