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Sacred Geometry Activations

1.5 HOUR SESSION - $140


SACRED GEOMETRY ACTIVATIONS are exquisite and magical and have become a favourite with my regular clients who can't shake the feeling that their personal equations in life are somehow not firing on all cylinders. If you have skills, hopes and desires that have just not been coming to fruition for some reason, this is the treatment for you. 


I give you a Symphony of the Cells essential oil treatment that is appropriate for your mental, emotional or physical needs, and while I do that, I create the connection and ask your Soul and Spirit Self the concerns you have.  Next up is a pressure point foot massage - just because they feel so good and you deserve the best! Then when you turn over onto your back, I continue to ‘read’ you and bring in your personal Spirit Fire Consciousness to activate your personal Sacred Geometry in each of your 7 Chakras, and thus through the correspondng areas of your life.


We all have our own specific 'equation' we are trying to achieve in life - bringing our personal equations of life into form is what I am working with here but I tailor it to your specific questions on the day.  If possible, I also activate your Merkaba, usually in 5D Light. This might not happen the first time - it depends on what stage your Sacred Geometry is at, or what your Higher Self wanting for you on the day. 

I talk to your Soul and Spirit Self, your Past Self, or your Future Self – whoever it is that we need the most to step forward and explain the dynamic behind your question and give you advice on how to proceed. You could say I am accessing your Higher Consciousness in whatever perspective is most needed on the day.  I take notes so that I can talk to you afterwards,  and also type them up and send them to you later.

1.5 HOUR SESSION - $140


If you would like to book in, please click on the link and choose your preferred time and date.  

Location: "The Elliot Oak", 29 North Terrace,  Port Elliot, South Australia

Sacred Geometry, Chakra Healing, Karuna Reiki, Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healing, Energy Healing - with Valentina Mathias
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