Sacred Geometry Activations

1.5 HOUR SESSION - $140


SACRED GEOMETRY ACTIVATIONS are exquisite and magical and have become a favourite with my regular clients who have stuck patterns that need clearing in their lives, or hopes and desires that have just not been coming to fruition for some reason.


I give you a Symphony of the Cells essential oil treatment that is appropriate for your mental, emotional or physical needs, and while I do that, I create the connection and ask your Soul Self the questions you have.  Next up is a pressure point foot massage - just because they feel so good and you deserve the best! Then when you turn over onto your back, I continue to ‘read’ you and bring in your personal Spirit Fire Consciousness to activate your personal Sacred Geometry in each of your 7 Chakras.  


We all have our own specific 'equation' we are trying to achieve in life - bringing our personal equations of life into form is what I am working with here but I tailor it to your specific questions on the day.  If possible, I also activate your Merkaba, usually in 5D Light. This might not happen the first time - it depends on what stage your Sacred Geometry is at, or is wanting for you on the day. 

I talk to your Soul Self, your Past Self, or your Future Self – whoever it is that we need the most to step forward and explain the dynamic behind your question and give you advice on how to proceed. You could say I am accessing your Higher Consciousness in whatever perspective is most needed on the day.  I take notes so that I can talk to you afterwards,  and also type them up and send them to you.

1.5 HOUR SESSION - $140


If you would like to book in, please click on the link and choose your preferred time and date.  

Location: Forresters Beach, NSW, Australia

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