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Distance - Sacred Geometry Activations



SACRED GEOMETRY ACTIVATIONS are exquisite and magical and have become a favourite with my regular clients who have stuck patterns that need clearing in their lives, or hopes and desires that have just not been coming to fruition for some reason. 


You set up a nice area at your end to receive your healing, or just lie in bed. I encourage you to make a sacred space for yourself with crystals, flowers, candles, feathers, essentail oils, sage ... whatever is relaxing and nurturing for you, whatever brings in the feeling of creating a space for energy healing. We chat on the phone or via video conferencing. Then you lie down whilst I do the distance healing. I don't keep the phone/video lines open during the session as it is a distraction to me but I do send you a transcript afterwards. Plus I call you when it is finished to chat about what occurred in your session. 

I have recorded a hypnotic Chakra Healing guided meditation called 'Vibrancy' which you  can play on your end if you wish (see below). Or you can use your own music if you have special relaxation music that you like. I also popped a bit of extra Moby music at the bottom of this page for you as the Vibrancy meditation is not quite an hour long. 


I set up a channel using crystals or nature energy to represent you and start by giving you an energy clearing. Then I create a connection and ask your Soul Self the questions you have.   I continue to ‘read’ you and bring in your personal Fire Consciousness energy to activate your personal Sacred Geometry in each Chakra.  We all have our own specific 'equation' we are trying to achieve in life - bringing our personal equations of life into form is what I am working with but I tailor it to your specific questions on the day.

I take notes so that I can send them to you afterwards. Often extra clearing and re-harmonising comes through that you haven't specifically asked for but that your Soul Self knows you need, so I am instructed to do it. I write this out for you too. At the end I do an integration process for you so that you can have results in your everyday life from the session - this is important to me, I am all about reality based results from healings not just a 'feel good on the day' kind of vibe.



If you would like to book in, please go ahead and click on the BOOK IN link and choose our preferred time.  

Location: Online

Vibrancy Meditation
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