What is .... Sage Smudging?

  Sage smudging is a North American Indian tradition whereby you cleanse yourself, others, an object, a room or a dwelling of negative, stale or stuck energetic particles. When you light dried sage leaves or a sage stick it releases aromatic white smoke - the belief is that negative energy attaches to the smoke and is carried away with the smoke … that my friend is why it is important to have open windows or doors to guide the smoke out when you smudge indoors … out and up to Father Sky … release, release, release!Technique: use small clockwise circular movements from bottom to top , if smudging yourself or a person do front, back, up both sides, under arms and under each foot; all the time releasing skywards … giving thanks to Mother Earth, Father Sky, Sister Moon and Brother Wind.

  If smudging a room or dwelling use the same clockwise circular movements from top to bottom, getting into all the corners, around windows and door frames … and gently guiding the smoke out, out, out the window or door, releasing to Father Sky. Did your sage stick go out? Blow on it or light it again; it’s not big deal if it goes out, I keep a candle burning so I can just hold the sage stick over the flame to re-invigorate the smoke.Keep your sage stick or leaves in an Abalone (or Paua) shell and use eagle feathers to assist with circulating and guiding the smoke. Even though the North American Indian tradition is to use eagle feathers don’t get stuck on this point - I have a few I use that are local to my area – Sea Eagle, Kookaburra and Pea Hen (yes for a while we had one wandering our neighbourhood!). I feel all these feathers have been gifted to me by Nature for healing, they all hold significance to my home, healing space or local beach, 3 places of energetic importance to me … maybe you will come across a feather and delight in using it! Go with the flow, go with what is being shown to you as you walk your path in life.