Soul Talking Sessions


SOUL TALKING SESSIONS are exquisite and magical and have become a favourite with my regular clients. 


I give you an Aroma Touch treatment while I create the connection and ask your Soul Self the questions you have. Then when you turn over onto your back, I ‘read’ you, and continue with healing at the same time if I can. I talk to your Soul Self, or your Past Self, or your Future Self – whoever it is that we need the most to step forward and explain the dynamic behind your question and give you advice on how to proceed. I take notes so that I can send them to you afterwards.


This is a shorter session than a full Akashic Records Soul Reading, and is directed towards people who have one or two big issues to resolve; or perhaps are at a crossroads in life - an intense moment where they need some input from another aspect of themselves.

1.45 HOUR SESSION - $180


If you would like to book in, please let me know and we can look at available dates.  

Location: Forresters Beach, NSW, Australia