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Sunrise Chakra Healing with Sacred Geometry - live streams with Valentina Mathias

Sunrise Chakra Activations

Recorded  live in nature

Each cycle runs from New Moon to Full Moon

Light up your life naturally, easily. I do the clearing and activation.

You enjoy the daily nature video and follow along.

'Chakra' is pronouned 'Shacharah' as words have vibration and
Shacharah is open and expansive

Live Sunrise Chakra Healing - Review


Artist & Emotional Wellness Coach

I have found the morning meditations very relaxing yet energising. A wonderful way to start each day building up to the full moon. The oceanic vibe, listening to and watching the waves beneath the rising sun added a soothing quality to the chakra meditation.

Your voice has a healing quality too! Loving it.

Live Sunrise Chakra Healing - Review


Moon Sirens Art and Healing

Valentina, your wonderful soft calming voice guides me back to my center in no time. What I love the most is that the activations are just as powerful watching them live or on replay and available to us at our fingertips. When my days are not going as well or there is a down moment all I have to do is go back to one of these beautiful sunrises ️ or healing tree sessions.  Thank you for blessing us with the splendor of the sun and nature from your beautiful area . It uplifts my Spirit ️🦅

Live Sunrise Chakra Healing - Review


Artist & Photographer

Thank you darling I absolutely loved it - it so helped with my days🙏❤️🌺

I make my  coffee and snuggle in bed with my dachsunds and the laptop. 

Or sometimes do yoga to it.

This is my sanity boost for the day.

Live Sunrise Chakra Healing - Review


TAO Way of Life

I have loved joining you on the Sunrise+Chakras journey. Anything to do with honouring the Moon energies I am all for. I have already told you I think your are an amazing multi-tasking Goddess - of the highest order and am honoured to be part of this programme.


Live Sunrise Chakra Healing - Review


Soulful Empires Coach

You have such beautiful calming presence; your energy is divine.

As someone not used to rising early it was so nice to experience the early morning beach vibes!

I loved the dogs interacting and the eagle - perfect!

Live Sunrise Chakra Healing - Review


Founder, Healing Works

Hello you ❤️
My viewing was delayed - I started at 12pm due to baby being awake this morning. I wanted to let the group know that it was just as effective, and an awesome recharge in the middle of the day. Loving this beautiful shared energy. Thank you Master V ❤️🙏😇


It's a simple concept

It involves SUNRISE on the beach (or under a tree)

And Chakra Healing!

Live streamed, or watch the replay in your time-zone, or whenever you like.

Can you find approx 40 min space in your day (for 2 weeks) to relax and regenerate?

Can you afford not to find that time?

What are Chakras?​​

Why would you join this subscription?

As Gaia resets, the world sometimes feels like it is falling apart - you may be struggling emotionally, mentally and physically to find sense and balance in your life, and in the world. These beautiful guided nature meditations with chakra healing will bring you plenty of stable energy, an awareness of your Chakras and what a powerful resource they are for you. You will be imbued with grounded feelings - being positive and sure of yourself - a knowing you won't be drained today, and if neceessary, you will be ready to do what you do best in a time of crisis because you will be cleansed, cleared, tuned up, energised and activated - they are like a personal tuning fork between you, Mother Gaia and your Higher-Consciousness.


Come watch the SUNRISE with me (or catch replays on the smartphone app)

I live stream the sunrise on the beach or at home with my sacred healing tree each morning from New Moon to Full Moon. First I lead you through a few gentle breaths to wake up or calm down your body system, depending on the time of day you are watching. Then with either the ocean or the rain we cleanse our chakras, tthen I assist you to guide the Sunrise Light into each of your 7 Chakras (Source Akash calls them Shacharas - the vibration is open and expansive)

As I go along each morning, I also channel a special message and/or healing for you, with the assistance of Mother Gaia, the wales, the Sun, the Tree, etc. 

How will you feel?​

Energised with a happy brain. Balanced - harmonious - capable! With a heightened intuitive perspective you can make 'on-point' decisions as life changes around you. Also you will find that you are able to positively affect people you interact with during the course of your day - because you start it off by self-healing. There is a different energy healing theme every cycle - I don't choose them - we are gifted them by Mother Gaia and my job is to channel them to you. It's very exciting stuff! I love it!​ Currently we are also doing Sacred Geometry and activating our personal toroid (electromagnetic energy field).  I throw it all in there - I can't help myself, I was born to heal and don't do average well. Message me if you would like a free trial (reward for reading this far). Valentina x

Sunrise Chakra Healing - live streamed from New Moon to Full Moon to help you with your intuitive perspective and personal self-healing
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