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Julie Ann Jones

NSW, Australia

I’d like to recommend Valentina Mathias and her healing session based on the ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono.

I have attended many Quantum Ho’oponopono healing sessions with Valentina, to assist me with bringing clarity in certain areas of my life. During a very dark time in my life, I needed some way of coming to terms with things and needed a peaceful way to confront certain issues in a safe and caring environment where I could explore my feelings and clear the negative patterns around them.

Valentina’s  Ho’oponopono therapy guided me through a series of visualisations to give me just the right space and support to confront and rework my thinking on these issues! The process is gentle and easy to take part in, and can help uncover big issues and challenges whilst allowing you to explore your emotions and come to terms with things. I found I could safely and confidently address some of the issues that I’d previously been unable to tackle. The process gave me a new perspective on many subjects and allowed me to find peace and clarity as my journey evolved.

I would highly recommend this process to anyone and Valentina provides such a safe and caring environment that it is truly a pleasure to work with her.

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