Testimonials | the Lemurian Protocol | distance healing only, via skype

Graeme Towart

Melbourne, Australia

I recently turned to Valentina for assistance as I felt like patterns in my life were repeating …with negative consequences. Having been the beneficiary of her wonderful healing in the past I felt secure and confident in leaving it to her discretion as to the best course of action to undertake in my current situation.  After discussion with Valentina as to what exactly I was feeling and the issues that I was experiencing, we agreed that a program of three ‘distance’ Lemurian Hall Healings were needed to clear the blockages that were impeding my happiness.


Having always seen Valentina ‘in-the-flesh’ previously I must admit to some nervousness about how effective the ‘distance’ healing would be …but any nervousness was soon discarded after my amazing first session! During this first healing (and the subsequent 2nd and 3rd as well) I physically felt shifts taking place and had sensations that exactly corresponded to those detailed in Valentina’s transcripts of the healing – although I live thousands of kilometres away Valentina was truly aware of what I was feeling! These transcripts also highlighted exactly what was causing my blockages and holding me back from feeling the happiness that I sought.


Through Valentina’s wonderful healing and regular use of her recorded meditations I have been able to finally overcome the doubts, guilt and insecurities that have always been a part of my more recent life and find the peacefulness and calm that I have been searching for. I cannot thank her enough for her assistance in helping me reach internal happiness and would highly recommend her healing to anyone whom should need it.

Maria Hinton

Ontario, Canada

I am grateful for Valentina Mathias (after this I am calling her my my spiritual coach). I am blown away by her generosity and loving kindness. I am doing a massive healing with the Lemurian Protocol - I have never done anything like this before. Beyond powerful. She has healed me beyond words! 

Valentina is a rare gem, that I am so happy that I stumbled across. Before I met Valentina, I was feeling out of balance. My professional life was thriving, but inside I felt so lost and confused. Almost as if I had invisible chains around me. After working with Valentina, the fog began to lift from me. I felt my energy shifting each and everyday. Valentina not only has a unique talent, but she is so kind, loving and supportive. She was exactly what I needed, at one of the darkest times in my life. 

I am forever grateful!!! Thank you so much Valentina!!

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