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Carol Johnston

East Coast, Australia

Oh my goodness, the Joy meditation is just beautiful. That is everything I need. Amazing experience. My body became tingly right before you said it. Wow!!! I am going to use that a lot. Thank you so much.

Demi Karpouzos

Ontario, Canada

Your Wisdom meditation gave me goosebumps and I've had AMAZING clarity since. Thank you to the moon and back.


Cornwall, UK

Thank you so much for my personalised guided Joy meditation, that was wonderful.  It gave me goosebumps, a pleasant surprise.

Petrina Smith

Vancouver, Canada

I love your calm voice!!! I listened to the Balance meditation last night just before I went to bed!! I had no outside noise so I could focus just on listening and breathing! It was the best night sleep I have had in a very long time!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Cheryl Outred

Central Coast, NSW, Australia

have just done your Joy meditation just for me…Your voice was beautiful.  I love the Tibetan bowls, and music also. It took me to a place I recognised. Thank you for your generous time. Thank goodness my energy shifted to a joyful place and i am back in my heart again.

Krisha Young

Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much for my Wisdom meditation. I did it this morning and it was wonderful!!! I could feel the white light cursing through every cell in my body. It has set up my day perfectly. Thank you!  and after a few weeks:  I honestly love that meditation you made for me.  When I do it in complete silence and concentration I can sometimes see and sense my guides. I have never been able to do that with any other meditation. Thank you.


Gypsy Nomad, Australia

I finally listened to your beautiful, soothing 'Joy for Veronica' meditation.  And I loved it.  Thank you!  It's perfect. This morning I needed a way to start my day that would hopefully take me out of my dark state, and your meditation was the only way I could think of. It helps enormously to hear my name at the beginning  I'll definitely be listening to it repeatedly, especially over the next few weeks.

Jen Mac

Michigan, USA

Just listened to my customised Joy meditation it was BEAUTIFUL. I loved the Tibetan bowls. I thought I could feel my chakras line up. It was very aligning. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Kathy Popplewell

Daintree Forest, Far North Queensland, Australia

thanks for your beautiful meditation and personalisation. So very beautiful. I started sleeping much deeper and more through the night and lower back and arm pain started to dissolve from the day i ordered the meditation (I think maybe 2 days before I received it) so your beautiful healing energy and intention as always was felt and received. Thank you so much, you are amazing. I have been listening to the JOY meditation every day since receiving it. Feel myself very gradually able to dissolve more and more of resentment and resistance and come to more contentment and ever so gradually move my vibration up the ladder. Eventually back to I hope a higher level of excitement, anticipation and joy. Right now, I think the goal of contentment is a good goal as a step up from where I have been.

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