Chanelled Akashic Life Lessons

Would you like to have something that feels like your own gem of Akashic Life Wisdom delivered to your inbox every Sunday morning? 


What if ...

What you thought were roadblocks was Soul Guidance.

What you thought was bad luck was a specific blueprint for activating your Unique Skills.

What you thought was unchangeable was just a lack of energetic housekeeping.

I could go on and on … every Sunday in fact, if you will graciously allow me into your inbox.


You’re open. You embrace life. You count your blessings & love generously.

And yet something always happens to throw you into chaos. The cycle goes something like this:


*Finding yourself struggling to cope … again.

*Back at the starting line … again.

*Mis-interpreted and standing alone … again.


Imagine the thrill of having Akashic Soul Wisdom explained to you every Sunday, piece by piece, with hauntingly beautiful words; and gorgeous pictures. You’ll feel like you have a kindred spirit looking out for you … retrieving your wisdom for you so that you can finally blossom into the Wise Goddess or God that you are. These inspirations are short, insightful and powerful. This is because our Akashic guides know that we get distracted by the overwhelming amount of information and white noise in our modern world - it wipes out our ability to stay focussed on a Soul centered life, our ability to remember who we truly are.


If you feel the resonance of what I am offering you, click on the subscription button and sign up - your first month is a gift from me. After that, it is $5per month, and you can stop at any time (I organize all financial transactions in my business myself, as I know it is annoying for people to be signed up for things that they can't cancel).


It's that simple - you can benefit from channelled Akashic Wisdom just like healers do. My Akashic guides are ready to build an understanding with you of how the many aspects of your Akashic Soul Energy operate so that you can create the life you really want. They can give you the skills to transform energy and move forward gracefully.


There is so much they and I want to share with you .. to teach you, and encourage you to be who you are. We would love you to have confidence in the bigger picture of your Soul Journey.  Claim your free 1 month trial now.