White Light Healing with Reiki

  • White light guided meditation.

  • Fresh, soft eye pillow to help quiet your mind.

  • Lavender essential oil gently massaged on your temples to deepen your relaxation.

  • Ylang ylang essential oil rubbed into your the soles of your feet to ground your experience.

  • Soft white rugs to enhance your mental and soulful getaway.

  • Full body energy cleanse & relaxation is at your fingertips.

  • Experience deep hypnotic healing with the ancient practice of Karuna Reiki and you will leave feeling more relaxed, and deeply connected to you.


“I had a wild and wonderful out of body experience. I could have sworn a whole day and night had passed. I don’t know where I went. But I feel amazing.

Can we do this again next week?”   SG, Holgate, NSW, Australia


I invite you to enjoy a glass of crystal elixir water afterwards as you settle your energy and prepare to go back into the world.


Valentina Mathias, experienced, powerful local healer at your service.

White Light Healing
60 min pampering session $80