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In-Person White Light Healing with Reiki


Location: "The Elliot Oak",  29 North Terrace, Port Elliot, South Australia

Booking a White Light Clearing is giving yourself the gift, or the opportunity to take care of yourself and prioritize your well-being. As you allow yourself to sink into a peaceful state, a gentle and powerful White Light guided meditation surrounds you. This meditation is designed to cleanse and clear your electromagnetic fields, leaving you refreshed and revitalised. Experience the ancient practice of Karuna Reiki, known for its ability to induce a deep hypnotic release. As you surrender to this profound healing energy, you will feel more relaxed and deeply connected to your true self. This practice will bring balance, happiness, and grounding to your body, mind and soul. 

White Light Clearing / Energy Healing is one of the most important 'higher-consciousness' practices we can add to our lives. Even in the Akashic Earth Records, I am often instructed by my guides to do an Akashic White Light clearing on clients before we commence with the questions and pattern re-harmonising.


To receive this healing on a regular basis is simple, cost effective and what I would call 'good energetic housekeeping'.


"I had a wild and wonderful out of body experience. I could have sworn a whole day and night had passed. I don’t know where I went. But I feel amazing.

Can we do this again next week?”   Sarah

White Light Healing - 45 min session $60
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