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Akashic Graduate Practice

Currently I am running Akashic Practice Online. It is simple, deep and life-affirming.  Click on either button to book in and see upcoming  dates in your timezone.

How do we do it? 

When you are booked in (click buttons above). you are sent reminders and a unique zoom link for the scheduled time. At the scheduled time, we all hop on and have a chat - talk about the theme  for the day - voice what we want to ask, harmonise, balance or work on in the Akash. Then we hop off, do our journeys individually at home (you will be surprised how strong it feels even though the other graduates are not in the room with you). At the next agreed time, we hop back on zoom and re-group - chat about your  personal Akashic Earth session. It is always very interesting, and if we have time, other graduates can offer insights as well as me supporting and giving insights to your process. 

How do I get the zoom link?

Book in via the buttons above

How long are the catchups?

The practice is about 1.5hours but you need to allow another 2 hours for the catchup and re-group chats ... so approx 3.5 hours alltogether -  but you can come and go as you need to. 

Akashic Library Dreaming Practice - allow 1 hour each day for the cathcup and re-group.  The actual session is overnight so that depends on your personal sleeping patterns.   The re-group zoom call is the following morning, at the same time. 


I still don't really understand how a zoom catchup would work.

Please reach out via the contact page and I will walk you through the process.


What do I need to do to prepare? 

Make sure you have your mp3s ready to go on your phone or chosen device. Plus have your Akashic Earth bag handy. Also print out the updated AE Invocation and AE Process. These are on the app but, once again, do reach out if you can't find them and I will shoot them through to you. Also if you can't remember your Akashic Totem, re-do the totem mp3 on your app.

And if you don't have the app ..... reach out, I'll help you.

Valentina xo

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