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Location: Currently courses are scheduled for Australia, Bali & Curaçao & Costa Rica
Online: I also train individuals, couples and groups online
Please contact me to make an inquiry
Group courses with availability are listed here (click on button to see PDF info)


Location: Currently courses are scheduled for Australia, Bali & Curaçao & Costa Rica
Online: I also train individuals, couples and groups online
Please contact me to make an inquiry
Group courses with availability are listed here (click on button to see PDF info)


Become one with the integrity of who you truly are as you awaken your powerful Akashic Soul Connection. Unlock your deep inner wisdom and raise your abundance, so that life flows with greater grace and ease.  Each course is unique depending on location and who Valentina is co-partnering with. Below is an example of what to expect in a Level 1 Training.

This certification enables you to confidently take major leaps of faith in areas of your life that have felt constricted until now. Many graduates reflect that this training has been one of the best life decisions they have made.

Have you ever asked yourself:


  • I have big decisions to make and I am not sure what to do…

  • I am feeling a bit jaded about life and my personal mission. I am seeking to heal and re-align with my personal purpose….


  • Why does this keep happening to me?  Life patterns repeating themselves, or habits I would like to understand and if aligned, release from my life.

  • I am struggling with a relationship or experiencing heart break, heart ache or the dissolution of a dream…


  • I recognise that sometimes I instantly feel a close connection to someone and wonder if there was a past life connection…


  • I want to learn about my Soul past, my future, and have a strong desire to manifest what is coming to me as part of my service to Earth…


  • I've been meditating, trying to practice the law of attraction, tapping…or anything dealing with spiritual growth, and I'm not seeing the results in my human experience, because there is something going on at Soul level...

This unique immersion provides you with answers to these types of questions, as well as deeper insights in areas of your life where a high-level Soul wisdom is required for decision making and clarity.

The whole certification experience is curated with love and care for you so that you can be fully supported in your process. I honour you and your journey every step of the way.

This certification is ideal for those that are just beginning their Akashic journey, as well as those that have already had some previous Akashic instruction and want to refine their abilities. This unique journey to merge with your Akash, takes you directly to the truth of who you are.


Hosted by Valentina, a powerful Soul from the Royal Akashic lineage -  her life has been dedicated to healing and reconnecting souls with their Akashic wisdom.

As a Royal Akashic Soul, Valentina’s teaching and guidance is both gentle and clear (like the Akash) her
mission on Earth is to powerfully expand the abilities of the whole world to access their personal Soul Wisdom Records. Thus, elevating all sentient beings incarnations during this period of transition to New Earth.

“I can't wait to show you my Akashic world ... embraced in the ancient healing energy of one of the most naturally connected and magical peninsulas on Mother Gaia - Port Elliot. You will come to understand why you are here, how you belong and really deeply connect with your incarnation; you'll find renewed clarity and passion for your life purpose.” Valentina x

course oveview

Overview of Level 1 Akashic Certification:

Course Modules

Introduction to the Akash. You will learn: 

1. About the library, where all the records are kept, and about your past, present and future.
2. The tools and process required to access your Akashic Soul Records.
3. How to travel into your Akashic Soul Records.
4. About how to prepare for a Akashic journey, and the record keeping afterwards to maximise the results and implement the learnt wisdom into your day-to-day life.

Practical Component

Complete deep Akashic journeys over a period of days, so you have the confidence to use; the process, tools and record keeping so that you can travel by yourself into your soul Akashic Records to find the information
you are seeking and/or to receive the healing you require.


Knowledge gained on completion of the Certification


You will be able to:

1. Understand exactly how your Soul shapes your human experience.
2. Access accurate information about your life purpose whilst activating the skills and gifts your Soul is already well versed in for yourself from lifetimes of experience.
3. Heal the fear and blockages around connecting with your true self so that you become more aligned with your Soul purpose and break negative habits and patterns.
4. Upskill to the next Earth Service, accessing clear direction and actual skills associated with this service.

What you receive

1. Level One Akashic Earth Certificate.
2. Access to an App that has the tools and Akashic Guidance to safely enter the Akashic Library and return.

3. Process tip sheet, to guide you until it becomes second nature.
4. The ability to retrieve information about your own life purpose and life path - in as much detail as you require at different points of your journey.

The Akash Gatherings

This certification is the gateway into Valentina’s community of Akashic experts, who gather and frequently journey together to their Akashic Soul Records for healing and personal alignment. (Some students see each other in the Akash while journeying together).

Your Soul Guides have Gathered

There are higher aspects of you waiting for you to come and connect with them - to embrace you, to give you answers, to share your unique Soul medicine with you. The amount of healing you will receive to upgrade your energetic resonance as you access your Akashic Soul Records during this retreat can't be understated.



These workshops are gentle but also intense and high vibrational. I recommend you set up a regular meditation and/or energetic healing schedule for yourself before attending if you don't already have one in place.  This can be enjoyable and easy - please reach out after booking in if you need guidance, I am more than happy to help. 




You need to have had at least one Akashic session with Valentina.

After this Akashic certification you will return to your daily life settled in your Akashic Earth Soul Wisdom - walking forward with inspiration here on Pacha Mamma.

More dates and locations coming soon


The land of Gaia's Magic


Akashic Itinerary



  • Sunrise Blessing Meditation

  • Welcome circle

  • Shared breakfast

  • Enter the Sacred Circle

  • Module one Intro to the Akash

  • Lunch and free time in nature to refresh and rest

  • Practical component - exercise one Totem discovery

  • Sharing circle

  • Practical component - exercise two Akashic preparation ceremony


  • Sharing circle and light breakfast

  • Practical Component - exercise three Guided journey into your Akashic Soul Records

  • Sharing circle

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon oasis Akashic practice in magical nature, together

  • Sharing circle

  • Induction into the Akashic community

  • Closing ceremony and group photo

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