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Akashic Reading - In Curaçao

I plan to be back in Curaçao in October 2023 - there is so much love in my Heart contemplating my return.
In the meantime please connect with me via an intro call here, or go straight to booking a distance session here.

My work while in Curaçao in 2022 was centered around creating a sense of community and connection among all the people and Akashic Curaçao Beings who live there - resetting the island back to its original healing blueprint.  I believe that by bringing the ancient Giant Arawak Spirits of the Akash into the hearts and minds of the island's people, I can help to create an island of love and harmony.

On a personal level, I delve deep into your past and assist to release the pain, confusion and hurt that has been holding you back. I work with powerful Curaçao crystals and Curaçao healing guides to bring balance and harmony to your Body, Mind, and Soul. This creates a sense of peaceful wisdom in your daily life.

I am deeply grateful to have been welcomed by the Akash of Curaçao and to be of service to you. Living on this island is a huge gift, and you are a very special Soul to have incarnated there.
Akashic Stamps  (500 × 500 px) (1).png
Akashic Stamps  (500 × 500 px) (1).png
What is my life purpose, Soul purpose? 

Maybe you are wondering if you really do have a unique skill - a reason for being here . This may even be causing you anxiety and/or confusion. You might like me to ask your Soul guides.


Can my Akashic Soul Guides help me move forward?  

You've come to a cross-roads and are seeking guidance in some areas of your life; and closure in others.  Your past is holding you back.

Why does this keep happening to me?

Perhaps you are having a healing awakening and are not sure if this means you have a gift or not ... is unusual stuff going on that you can no longer ignore?

What is going on there?  Is there a past life connection? 

Are you are having strong emotional reactions to people, places and feel a close connection to things that you can't explain?

You can ask questions about any area of your life, find out your Soul's reason for being here and heal blockages.  Receive wise, accurate information direct from your Akashic Earth Records - the wisdom you have stored over many lifetimes grounded in Gaia's Wisdom.
You will gain a deeper understanding about yourself and have an opportunity to heal the fear and blockages around connecting with your true self so that you become more aligned with your Soul journey and break negative habits and patterns - it's personal development on a higher consciousness level ... taking the 'intuitive perspective' one step further.


I have read for many people just like you ... and yet, every reading is completely different - we are all such individuals, it never ceases to amaze me what comes up for people.


"Deep thanks for my Akashic reading. What a profound experience. Felt like I was walking on my own sacred ground. Such a gift. You have expanded my awareness and wondering beyond anywhere I've ever been before. It truly feels like I'm coming Home. Thank you for using and sharing your gifts.".   Janine Hanna NSW, Australia


What you get:

Individual Akashic healing and reading with time to talk about it afterwards.

Type-written transcript of your session emailed to you after your session, including answers to your questions. 

Deep Dive

3 HOUR DEEP DIVE SESSION, including transcript


In depth thorough Akashic readings take 3 hours but please allow 3.5 hours as I don’t like to close your Akashic Library  just because the ‘time is up’ – important information may be coming through for you, or we may want to chat a bit longer afterwards. Basically you need to allow a morning or an afternoon in your schedule. With these deep dive sessions, I only do one or two per day so that I can remain clear and strong for my clients. Before your session I do a special mediation to grid my energy fields to your needs and become a clear channel for you - something may come up that I will bring up to talk to you about when we start.  Then when you arrive we talk and get clear on what you need to know, what questions you would like answered. Then you lie down on the healing table and I prepare and clear your energy fields - this in itself is deeply relaxing, regenerative and healing. After this process I  say the Akashic Earth Invocation to vibrationally match with your personal Akashic Soul Records in the 8th Dimension, and type everything down that comes up. I do Akashic healing on issues or body pains while I am in there. When I am finished we talk about the information that came through for you. Sometimes we talk during the session - it really depends on your needs, and what your personal process requires. Later I send you the written transcript. 


Overall the whole session is a very powerful process and we trust that whatever information you are meant to have comes through. Clients are always affected in a profound way, and I truly feel honoured to be involved too.  Please allow yourself time afterwards to ground and integrate this session - people often feel exhausted and need some time alone. I suggest you go somewhere in nature that you love after your session and definitely not straight to work, out for a big night or anything like that. I also offer free ongoing activation of any part of your session – just get in touch at any time and let me know what part of your transcript you would like energised or harmonised more strongly.


If you would like to book in, please click the link to choose a time ... then start preparing your Akashic Records questions and healing requests.

Location: "Villa Wave Break",  Jan Thiel, Curaçao

List of Questions

1.5 HOUR SESSION, including transcript


This is the most popular session - not to long, not to short. You can utilise this time for a deep issue that requires clearing and healing; or a few questions and some targeted healing. Sometimes you will find you just have a whole list of questions that need answering about your life, your goals, things that didn't work out the way you thought they would or why certain relationships are the way they are ... really could be anything that you have been wondering about, possibly for a long time. Perhaps there are opportunities in your life that you would like to know more about in relation to your personal Soul Purpose. After matching to your personal Akashic Records, I commence with requesting answers to your questions and doing the related Soul Healing. It may not present in the order you wrote them as your Akashic Guides are already waiting for you and know exactly how and in what order they wish to address your questions and healing queries. They may even be ready with some healing that they know you need first.


When I am finished we talk about the information that came through for you. Or I might relay the answers as I go along - we are all individuals and it depends on your needs and how you like enjoy your healings. 


Later I send you the written transcript of answers.  Overall the whole session is a very powerful process and we trust that whatever information you are meant to have comes through. Clients are always affected in a deep way, and I feel truly honoured to be involved too.  Please allow yourself time afterwards to ground and integrate this session  - it may take a while to process the healing and answers as they are coming from your Soul Wisdom, not from your logical mind. You may feel exhausted and need some time alone. Some people feel invigorated - buoyed up by all the knowledge they have received - we are all different. I suggest you go somewhere in nature that you love after your session and definitely not straight to work, out on a big night or anything like that. 

If you would like to book in, I invite you to click the BOOK IN link to choose your time.

Location: "Villa Wave Break" Jan Thiel, Curaçao

45 MINUTE SESSION, including transcript


A short Akashic Earth Records healing and reading for you to get some simple clear answers on a few questions, issues or patterns in you life. Short but still very powerful, truthful and accessing your personal Soul Wisdom. Before starting your session, please email me your questions so we can go straight into an Akashic Earth preparation meditation when you arrive. You lie down on the healing table, relax and enjoy the meditation and ensuing healing as I open your Akashic Soul Records and type the answers out for you, also noting down any healing that occurs. Often I will chat to you throughout the process if I need clarification, or invite you to ask another question based on what the first answer is. When I am finished we have a short chat about the answers retrieved and I send you the typed-up transcript. 


After your session, I suggest you go somewhere in nature so you can have some grounded space to think, feel and re-read the transcript - time for you.

This session is 45 minutes but please allow 1hr in your schedule.

If you would like to book in, please click on the BOOK IN link to choose a time ... then you can think of 2 or 3 Akashic Records questions and send them through to me anytime, even right before your session is fine. 

Location: "Villa Wave Break", Jan Thiel, Curaçao

Short Session


"It was lovely to connect with you today. I'm slowly processing and integrating our session today, I have a feeling of returning home and resonance. What a magical and sacred journey I feel like I've experienced and am embarking on, on a soul level. Thank you for holding space and energy for me and taking me through this. 

A deep and heartfelt thankyou. Your work is just remarkable. I am a bit speechless. 

Love and blessings to you."

Al_____ xx 

"I booked the 3hr Akashic Deep Dive session plus transcript with Valentina a couple of weeks ago.

It was profound. I was in a lost and painful state within my physical body and my heart of why I was here on this planet at this time. This session truly connected many dots for me and gave me the information I needed of my life contract/ blueprint, and also the past traumas my physical body was clearing to fulfil my mission. 

It is also wonderful to have your very detailed personal transcript which you can reread whenever you need to reconnect.

Valentina will also answer any questions you may have about yourself while she is in your personal Akashic records and we are still in contact now. She is indeed a beautiful soul fulfilling her mission in service to Humanity and our beautiful planet’s ascension. 

I feel this is one of the most amazing gifts we could give ourselves at this time in history because so many of us are going through so much emotional/physical/spiritual purging and we are being bombarded by universal energies at levels never recorded in our history. These energies bring all issues to the surface in order to be released which can feel brutal and confusing. Having some insight and remembrance of who we truly are can give us the clarity and the courage to move forward into our own individual divine missions in love and fearlessness."

J_ (Lyra)

"I felt very comfortable with you and knew I was where I needed to be, especially as my guides asked you to go and get crystals in a way of confirming what I was going through was true, right on cue of me asking them. My lower back pain intensified for 3 days but then finally left me, I believe that was your work that healed this as it was bothering me for at least two weeks prior. The practices you advised have been very helpful, I do really enjoy a eucalyptus oil swirl on my feet morning and night. Also, meditation is going better!

J ....

Discover your Soul Purpose, Akashic Reading with Master Akashic Healer, Valentina Mathias - access your Higher Consciousness for Personal Development with Gaia's Wisdom
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