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I am excited to introduce you to an incredible opportunity that can help you grow, evolve, and find your true calling in life, one that is far more expansive and powerful than you could ever imagine.


Welcome to my Akashic Star Seed Academy, where you can unlock your potential and realize your dreams.

At the Akashic Star Seed Academy, you will receive skills-based training that is specifically designed to align with your aspirations and needs. Whether you are seeking personal growth in regards to your Earth service , spiritual awakening to New Earth, or a deeper connection to your Galactic self. As a Soul of the Royal Akashic  Line and a Dragon Birthing Mother, a Grandmother Dragon, I have the tools, knowledge, and experience to guide you on your journey. I am traveling with Akashic and Dragon Activation Gridwork this year - your mentorship is online with possible in-person meetup sessions depending on our mutual Gaia-sphere location.

Discover and harness your Earth Consciousness Skills.
Raise and align your energetic vibration with your Higher Self.
Acquire your Celestial Mastery & Ascension Cosmic Leadership
through this unique, customised program.


There is an excitement inside of me, does that mean I'm ready to step up do something amazing?

I need guidance with some awesome techniques to super-charge changing the world into a better place for all sentient beings. 

Why am I here? 

and how do I define and activate my Earth service?

Where did I come from?

and how do I activate all of that original energy, support and skillset into my daily life, both work and personal.

What is the next step?

I've come this far and have achieved some amazing feats. I know who I am to a certain extent, and now would like more Galactic Star-Seed clarity on my history and where  I go from here. What is my next mission?


Why am I being shaken up?

I know everything happens for a reason and am ready to embrace the next phase of mastery. What are my current circumstances telling me? Who am I meant to connect with next?


How does my Galactic Star-Seed family help me to clear my path forward?

Do they watch over me and how can I ask for help?


Are there Earth Skills I am missing? 

I want to make a real difference, a positive impact in small and big ways. What are basics that people need. How can I help them in small ways so that I can help them in big ways.


If you have already been investing in your spiritual gifts, such as reiki, meditation, channelling, creative energies, tarot, akashic readings, and other modalities we honour your passion, and will provide you with additional tools to access your multi-life wisdom, so that you can bring these incredible blessings into your life and your sacred work.


Further, we bond with your Star Seed connection, so that you can pull down to Earth your special Cosmic abilities and combine it with your New Earth wisdom to transform your current journey going beyond to a place of elevation an ascended leader, with a clear and powerful path for yourself and your ripple within your community.

Come, take a step forward and immerse yourself in the magic of these offerings. Let them guide you on a path of self-discovery, purpose, and joy.


The world is waiting for you.

Earth Mastery

Earth Mastery

Set your trajectory with multi-life wisdom


AKASHIC DEEP DIVE 3 hr Akashic Soul Records on-boarding session to learn about you and your gifts. To learn from your Higher Soul guides how they want the framework of your Earth Mastery filled out.


Your sessions cover ...

Module 1: Honoring your Spiritual Practice

This module is about exploring your spiritual practices and distilling them down to a powerful energy alchemy which is infused into a daily practice and extends into all your endeavours. We explore and connect the perfect stream of energy between you and your higher self, crafting your spiritual practise so it is; personalised, powerful and uniquely yours.

Module 2: Spiritual Wound Healing

Even as healers, or those have a strong spiritual practise, we all need assistance with healing and clearing. Often we aren't aware of it consciously, or sometimes it appears as emotional pain, physical pain, or fear and anxiety. Perhaps it feels like a blockage between you and what you want your to be able to achieve with your gifts. In this module we recalibrate and upgrade your energetic body and build on your spiritual practises so that you are healed and cleared and ready to live your best life in the New Earth.

Module 3: Tripwire Management

As conscious observers we tried to maintain a life of balance and peace, however as part of being human there are triggers and hidden restrictions that inhibit us from realising our full spiritual potential. In this module we complete a 360-degree scan uncovering your blind spots and those veiled limitations that could be impacting your success. Sometimes this is not necessarily spiritual, it can be related to your current incarnation and be connected to your health, well-being or something else.

Module 4: Difficult Random Acts of Kindness

With open hearts of compassion, we are often undertaking acts of kindness and love within our community. In this module we take this further, exploring random acts of kindness that are difficult to execute. Strengthen your resistance so that you have clarity of what needs to be addressed and are able to do the necessary healing even in under very challenging circumstances. This module is especially important when working with clients, so that you can complete difficult healing work whilst maintaining your inner stability and alignment.

Module 5: Bespoke Manifestation Toolkit

In this module we research and practise a wide variety of manifestation techniques. Through this review and assessment, you customise your own manifestation toolkit, containing a variety of practices that can be applied to various situations and requests.

Module 6: Universal 'Cycles of Creation' Alignment

In this module we chart and incorporate the cosmic and earth cycles so you can align your work with these universal flows. This immersive section includes; moon cycles, stargates, equinoxes, solstices and other important alignments to strengthen spiritual and healing effectiveness.

Module 7: Invoking the Creator Within

In this module we expand upon what our five senses tell us. We build a practise which enables us to; see using our intuitive third eye, as well as read energy and aura within our surroundings. Mastering these abilities, enables you to read a situation more deeply and intuitively know what is about to happen. Harnessing these capabilities provides you with powerful insights that you wouldn't have unless these skills were developed.


OPPORTUNITY Upgrade to NEW EARTH & STAR-SEED MASTERY when you are ready.

Value: $5555

Earth Mastery Price: USD 3333

New Earth Mastery

Living your passion within the New Earth dimension

New Earh Mastery




also covers ...

Module 8: Who are you Inspiring / Helping / Sponsoring / Pulling Up?

We recognise that part of our path is about not only servicing our clients and community, it is also about how we actively invest in inspire others to walk our path. We map out a mentoring programme so you can encourage others to develop their true potential, and dramatically increase your vibration through giving back.

Module 9: Who is  Inspiring / Helping / Pulling You Up?

In this section we expand your awareness with a variety of relevant resources that are not part of your current landscape. Content includes; reading materials, books, courses, podcasts and discovering new inspirational leaders to follow. A structure is created with you enabling build this new knowledge into your passions.

Module 10: Radiating the Truth of your Being

In this module we tap into our inner truth so that essence radiates out and attracts that which is equal in vibration to you. Embracing your soul's truth, creates a high vibration enabling you to attract high vibrational elements to you.

Module 11: Multiple Active Incarnations

A scan is completed to identify other concurrent active incarnations, and the lives they are living. This unit could also involve exploring; future lives, past lives; lost knowledge; and connection with the land to purify and elevate you.


OPPORTUNITY Upgrade to STAR-SEED MASTERY when you are ready

Value: $8888

New Earth Mastery Price: USD 5555

Star-Seed Mastery

Landing your Celestial Stewardship on Aearth

Star-Seed Mastery




also covers ...

Module 12: Eyes of Wonder

This module builds on previous the work of connecting you with your soul and the creator within. You will begin to access your; heart, higher heart, throat, third eye, causal, crown, soul star & divine gateway shacharas for all Imagining, sensing, acknowledging & viewing your surroundings - known collectively as the ‘Eyes of wonder”. As you progress, you elevate to the 12th Dimension to view the whole world and really feel the power of the Eyes of Wonder. Uplifting you into a more beautiful way of living.

Module 13: Earth Stewardship

Once mastering the ‘Eyes of Wonder” and viewing the earth in this way, you will elevate to having the power of constructing a new reality. With this awareness you identify a correction that you feel drawn to assist with and develop powerful healing practices to restore balance.

Module 14: Creating Generators of Intent for all Humanity

You will learn to initiate energetic worm holes, specifically invoking harmonic and spatial relationships responsible for quantum-fluctuations and multi-dimensional fields of subtle energies. These energetic worm holes create positive generators of intent for all humanity.


BONUS - DAILY HEALING BOOST FROM VALENTINA until the completion of this Mastery. If you upgrade it applies from the day you upgrade to the finish. It doesn't continue on after the Mastery Course is finished.

Value: $15,555

Star Seed Mastery Price: USD9999

A prerequisite of these Mastery courses is that you have had at least one Akashic session and completed Akashic Level One Certification.

Beautiful soul, beloved sister or brother, are you ready to take the next step on your journey? Are you ready to dive deeper and discover what the Akashic Star Seed Academy has to offer? I encourage you to explore this opportunity with an open mind and an open heart, and see for yourself what amazing things can happen when you embrace your true calling.

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