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Level 2 Registration Now Open

Unless you're one of the rare few who know from a very young age exactly what they're calling is, what their gifts are, you probably have asked yourself (on more than one occasion),

What is my life purpose?  


Maybe you've found yourself constantly attracting the same types of men/women into your life or going through similar tough situations.

Why does this keep happening to me?


Or you know those people you instantly feel a close connection to?

What is going on there?  Is there a past life connection? 

You can find out why things keep happening in your life, why you repeat patterns and discover your life purpose.  Access it all and more in my thorough and innovative Akashic Earth training courses.
You will learn:
ALL about the Akashic Library, wherein all records are kept about your past, present and all potential for the future.
How to travel into the Akashic Earth Records to find out the important information that’s been missing in your life; because if you’ve been meditating, trying to practice the law of attraction, tapping…anything dealing with spiritual growth and you’re not seeing the results in your human experience, it’s because there is something going on at Soul level. The time has come to journey to your knowledge.
By the end of these workshops, you will know how to:
Read your personal Akashic Earth Records to discover exactly how your Soul shapes your human experience. Access accurate information about your life purpose whilst activating the skills and gifts your Soul is already well versed in for yourself, your loved ones and clients, from lifetimes of experience.
Heal the fear and blockages around connecting with your true self so that you become more aligned with your Soul purpose and break negative habits and patterns. If you are feeling jaded about life and your personal mission, this would be perfect to heal and re-align with your purpose.


I have taught countless people just like you.

"I started my journey with Akashic Earth Records in June 2015. This was a modality that had always been of interest so having the opportunity to train with Valentina was very exciting. This course was able to give me so much clarity into where my life was heading. It also prompted me to act and take a major leap of faith which was one of the best life decisions I could have made. Since doing the course I have come back to refresh my knowledge and my Akashic guides again showed me a path in which I am on right now. There is so much to be gained from learning how to read, understand and be guided using Akashic Records".  
Carol Johnston, NSW, Australia



  • Akashic Guidance MP3s to download and use forever.

  • Certificate

  • Meditation/preparation techniques to connect yourself to Akashic Earth and enter the Akashic Library safely, returning to your body fully.

  • Ability to work with clients (Level 2)

  • Recordings of the process to make Akashic practice after course easy until it becomes second nature.

  • The ability to retrieve your own life purpose and life path - in as much detail as you require at different points of your journey.

  • Connection to past and future selves through the Akashic Field.

  • PLUS  ongoing support at no additional cost. 
Learn Akashic Earth Records, discover your Soul Purpose, experince Unconditional Love as you access your Higher Consciousness connected to Gaia's Wisdom - with Valentina Mathias

Healthy Food and Beverages provided
10am - 6pm each day
Bonus - stay for evenings around the fire if weather permits

"Thyme Studio"

Bayview Road (via Liptrott Ln)

 Port Elliot, South Australia

akashic course dates

NOV 2022

"Private Residence

Destination Akashic Retreat with accommodation & island activities

Jan Thiel,  Curacao Island

Dutch Antilles


These workshops are gentle but also intense and high vibrational. I recommend you set up a regular meditation and/or energetic healing schedule for yourself before attending or you will be overwhelmed.

Delicious healthy food, snacks and drinks are provided.

After these  workshops which are really Akashic Immersions, you can return to your daily life settled in your Akashic Earth Wisdom - walking forward with inspiration here on Gaia.


When you have integrated Level 1 nicely, get in touch for the next level training

Currently scheduled for Mon & Tue, 19 & 20 Sep 2022 at "Halekulani" Port Elliot, South Australia

COMING SOON - Akashic Earth Teacher Training. 

Level 2 Registration
How to read the Akashic Records - comprehensive training with Akashic Master Healer, Valentina Mathias - Accessing the Akashic Earth Records with ongoing support


"The opportunity to work with Valentina, learning to read my Akashic Records was a phenomenal experience. As she is such a professional, caring and nurturing practitioner Valentina was able to make me feel both safe and secure before, during and after my journeys into the Akashic Earth Field. Her wealth of knowledge and experience with the Akashic Library is incredible. The one-on-one workshop was over two days, in a loving and nurturing environment and included excellent support material to further my Akashic journeying. At intervals Valentina provided a wide variety of amazing food and we even had a small fire in the evening to discuss my journeys. We walked to a beautiful beach and visited a cliff top, looking out over the ocean, to ground the energies. Valentina was so attentive and understanding that I felt incredibly ‘cared for’ the entire time. I cannot thank Valentina enough for all her support, knowledge and genuine care. Also, her on going guidance has been invaluable and her professionalism so appreciated. My whole experience was pure bliss and I would definitely recommend Valentina Mathias to anyone wanting to further their spiritual journey." Thank you,"  

Fay Stalley NSW Australia

"I have been a healer for over 30 years but I had never experienced the palpable waves of energy, the depth of emotion and the clarity of vision as I did when I encountered the Akashic Records for the first time. Of course, I had to learn more and ultimately I decided to train so I could ‘remember hidden and forgotten knowledge’. Valentina took me through my Akashic  Earth Records training (Level 1 & 2) and I am SO glad I made the decision to train with her. As a mentor, Valentina could not have been more ‘giving’ - of her time, her knowledge, her hospitality and her friendship. Even before I committed to the training Valentina provided insights and detailed answers to questions I had. She is also dedicated to supporting her graduates post-training which, for me, sets her apart and really demonstrates her commitment. She has a gentle, unassuming manner and she sits back and watches you step into your power, though she’s always ready to step in and provide guidance if needed. Valentina also has a knack of bringing the right people together in a room so I always leave her circle feeling all the richer for the experience. In terms of the Akashic Records - if you feel called to find out more - do it! This is not fortune-telling or wishful thinking. This is powerful transformational work. You just need to be ready to take responsibility and embrace your new reality! Thank you for everything Valentina"
Evie McRae, Gaia's Light Spiritual Consultancy


"I call Valentina the 'Healers Healer' Why??? Because that is what she does!. After 20 yrs of Healing; running my own business & teaching Reiki I was introduced to Akashic Healing.This really helped me understand why I needed so badly to keep the Peace in ALL areas of my life & continue to spread Healing & Peace in this world. I now get it! I now understand that driving passion, that burning flame within me. I also have more tools to work with and have Valentina's support to explore areas I have been introduced to with the teachings of Akashic Work. Find out who you really are & what your purpose is as the wisdom surfaces the magic starts to unfold. The Akashic course unlocked a protected vault within me. It continues to enhance my teachings & my treatments daily."  

Cheryl Outred, OM Massage, NSW, Australia


"After attending the Akashic Earth course with Valentina my life changed and expanded in many ways. The unbelievable support and guidance I feel was like coming home to a family that I never knew, but also somehow had never left. I became unbelievably strong and centered in my personal belief system , which allowed me to cherish things in my life that serve me and let go of the ones that did not. My health has improved physically, I definitely lost weight I was holding onto for emotional reasons and although at the start my energy levels were low working through it all, my vitality now is the highest it's been since I was a child." Sarah Graham, NSW, Australia


"Valentina is a wonderful teacher of the Akashic Records. She led me into a deep and life transforming healing experience, where a got a strong sense of who I am on a spiritual level and my life's purpose. Though my path since then has been up and down at times, I feel I am being guided to fulfil this purpose one step at a time, and am truly on my path. The strong sense of reality of the imagery and healing sensations I received during the process of accessing the records, will always stay with me, as will the spiritual connections I made on this journey. Since this process I have moved home, started a new job and most importantly started a healing practice which includes Akashic Records. My life was at a crossroads when I did the course and now I have a strong sense of who I am and how to move forward; I am also planning a trip to Peru to meet with my anticipated indigenous soul guides."

Prue Rose, NSW, Australia


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