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Distance Akashic Reading - Curaçao Sunshine

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What is my life purpose, my Soul purpose? 
Maybe you are wondering if you really do have a unique skill - a reason for being here . This may even be causing you anxiety and/or confusion. You might like me to ask your Soul guides.

Can my Akashic Soul Guides help me move forward?  

You've come to a cross-roads and are seeking guidance in some areas of your life; and closure in others.  Your past is holding you back.

Why does this keep happening to me?

Perhaps you are having a self-healing awakening and are not sure if this means you have a gift or not ... is unusual stuff going on that you can no longer ignore?

What is going on there?  Is there a past life connection? 

Are you are having strong emotional reactions to people, places and feel a close connection to things that you can't explain?

You can ask questions about any area of your life, find out your Soul's reason for being here and heal blockages.  Receive wise, accurate information direct from your Akashic Earth Records - the wisdom you have stored over many lifetimes.
You will gain a deeper understanding about yourself and have an opportunity to heal the fear and blockages around connecting with your true self so that you become more aligned with your true Soul journey -  and break negative habits and patterns.


I have read for many people just like you ... and yet, every reading is completely different - we are all such individuals, it never ceases to amaze me what comes up for people.


"Deep thanks for my Akashic reading. What a profound experience. Felt like I was walking on my own sacred ground. Such a gift. You have expanded my awareness and wondering beyond anywhere I've ever been before. It truly feels like I'm coming home. Thank you for using and sharing your gifts.".   Janine Hanna NSW, Australia


What you get:
Meditation mp3 for you to play while I read your records. I will be playing the same one on my end.

Individual Akashic energy healing and reading with time to talk about it afterwards.

Type-written transcript of your session emailed to you after your session, including answers to your questions. 

1.5 HOUR SESSION, including transcript - $220 AUD


This is the most popular session - not to long, not to short. You can utilise this time for a deep issue that requires clearing and healing; or a few questions and some targeted healing. Sometimes you will find you just have a whole list of questions that need answering about your life, your goals, things that didn't work out the way you thought they would or why certain relationships are the way they are ... really could be anything that you have been wondering about for a long time. Or recent opportunities in your life that you would like to know more about in relation to your personal Soul Purpose. After matching to your personal Akashic Records, I commence with requesting answers to your questions and doing the associated Soul healing. It may not present in the order you wrote them as your Akashic Guides are already waiting for you and know exactly how and in what order they wish to address your questions and healing queries. 

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, there is a guided meditation for you to play while I am doing your session this end for you.


At the time of your session, we both log on to zoom video conferencing so I can get clear on what you need to know, what questions you would like answered - which ones are the most important to you. I close the call as there is no reception on the palapa where I do the session - this is a deck that juts out onto the Ocean. You can lie down and play the mp3 below - make a nice healing space for yourself at home or in your own healing studio. The recording lasts about 20 minutes, after which you can play the relaxing next one (MOBY). I have put aside 2 times of day here in Curaçao for these sessions - Sunrise (6am start) and Afternoon (4pm start). When you book in, it will show up in your time zone. In Australia the Sunrie session is your evening and the Afternoon session is your morning. 

There are also now a booking links for my Canadian and US clients at times suitable for you.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your links.

I put on the same mp3 my end so that we are in synch.  When I am finished we talk about the information that came through for you. Later, I send you the written transcript of your session and photos.  Overall the whole session is a very powerful process and we trust that whatever information you are meant to have comes through - there are so many regenerative healing codes coming in from the Ocean here as well as grounding blessings from the Curaçao Akashic Being that I have connected with. Clients are always affected in a deep way, and I feel truly honoured to be involved too.  Please allow yourself time afterwards to ground and integrate this session  - it may take a while to process the answers as they are coming from your Soul Wisdom, not from your logical mind. You may feel exhausted and need some time alone. I suggest you go somewhere in nature that you love after your session, or the next day.

If you would like to book in, I invite you to click on either of the BOOK IN links (or both at first to see the time in your zone) ... then when you have chosen your spot you can start writing out your Akashic Records Questions.

Location: Online zoom video call.

June 2021 Testimonial:  "Valentina has thus far given me approx. 8 distance sessions in the Akashic realm. All sessions were unique. Valentina holds a vast healing space and has a beautiful grounding presence, filled with kindness and non judgement. We worked through several trauma's and deeply in the physical body. I can highly recommend Valentina to anyone who is genuine about releasing old emotions and trauma experiences and who wants to move forward. Thank you Valentina for your steady holding and your gifts. You are a wonderful treasure to this earth. With loving kindness, Corrie"  

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Distance Akashic Reading with Master Akashic Healer, Valentina Mathias - unconditional love, intuitive perspective, understand your Soul Journey and and find out details about your Soul Purpose
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