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Maybe you are wondering why anyone would buy and promote a product through an MLM system of sales. In that regard, all I can say is - start tracking your money that you spend to support your daily and healthy lifestyle - look at the the chain of connection down the line after you hand over your cash. Do you say to the check out person 'I suppose this is paying YOUR wage, hmppffff!' Or are you more likely to say 'thank you so much for working on a Sunday, how has your shift been?' or to the stallholder at your local Farmer's Market 'Thank you so much for growing all this beautiful food and gettin up early to transport it to market, I love your stall so much my family can't wait for me to come home with all the goodies, they taste so much better than anywhere else.'  If it is the second, I invite you to explore these beautiful gifts of the earth with me. 

So let's start at the beginning. A very good place to start.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the essence of a plant, a gift from the earth, distilled and prepared for you to bring the power of nature into your home. Inside many plants—hidden in roots, seeds, flowers, bark—are concentrated, highly potent chemical compounds. These natural compounds are essential oils. Essential oils give a plant its scent, protect it from hazardous environmental conditions, and even assist it with pollination, among other important functions and benefits.

How do Essential Oils Work?

When you open a bottle of pure, unadulterated essential oil, your senses are instantly filled with its potent aroma, even from a distance. What your nose detects are the naturally occurring elements of the essential oil.

Every essential oil varies in its natural makeup, so aromas and benefits are also unique. For example, Lavender oil includes elements that make it effective for soothing skin irritations, reducing anxiousness and feelings of tension, and promoting a restful environment for sleep.

Essential oil benefits are determined by the chemistry of the plants. If these natural chemicals are properly extracted, they can be used to help you physically, mentally, and emotionally in your daily life. 

Essential Oils haven't appeared overnight - plant extracts and plant-based products are deeply rooted in the traditions of the past. Essential oils have been used by ancient civilizations across the globe for: 


  • Aromatherapy

  • Personal care

  • Healthcare practices

  • Spiritual ceremonies

  • Beauty treatments

  • Food preparation


I use my doTERRA oils in all these ways too, and will share my knowledge with you, including essential oil safety and more modern uses - research shows that essential oils can be effectively and safely used in a wider range of day-to-day practices and routines for amazing natural health benefits - I am talking cooking, household cleaning, personal hygiene, sleep, boosting immunity, emotional health, weight management, and much, much more. By using essential oils, I am not only swapping out my budget in a cost effective way but by having more natural solutions and fewer toxic, synthetically manufactured products in my life and home - not a bad way to live! With so many essential oils available, I can tailor them to my specific wants and needs rather than be forced to settle for a generic solution, and so can you. This makes essential oils a popular choice for those looking for the best natural solutions in the modern era. The verstaility of essential oils is part of what made me switch to doTERRA - I wanted purity and steady quality. I love that I can use essential oils for a variety of tasks, without having to buy multiple products. Did I mention research earlier? Here is your Science of Essential Oils link

Why doTERRA?

There is a concept I love being aligned with called  'Responsible Sourcing of Oils' You see, there several ways to produce essential oils, and not all essential oils are created equal. Some companies choose to cut costs by using low-quality plants or adulterate their oils with cheap substances. While cutting corners might save an essential oil company time and money, it will result in a low-quality oil. You can actually check the quality of each doTERRA bottle of oil here - the number imprinted on the bottom of your bottle is the batch number - the ID that you type in to check the GC/MS results for the exact oil you are holding in your lucky hands. 


I also like how they source their product - how it intertwines with planetary life sustaining principles. doTERRA created the Co-Impact Sourcing® Initiative and the following 8 principles to ensure responsible practices in all our sourcing communities:


  • Generating Jobs: Reduce poverty by creating and sustaining jobs

  • Providing Fair, On-Time Payments: Offer consistent, fair payments to producers, including prepayments

  • Building Supplier Capacity: Support farmers, producers, and distillers through training and financial support

  • Sustaining Long-Term Partnerships: Provide multi-year contracts with growers and distillers based on solidarity and respect

  • Ensuring Fair Labor Conditions: Create healthy and safe working environments, free from harassment and discrimination

  • Promoting Cooperatives: Guarantee respect the right for all employees and producers to join and form co-operatives

  • Furthering Environmental Stewardship: Promote energy efficient technologies, renewable energy, and waste minimization

  • Facilitating Community Development: Support community development projects in sourcing communities such as schools, health clinics, training facilities, and clean water system.


But most of all I love that doTERRA are comitted to making the world a better place, leaving a Soul Stamp that is honourable and allows the Earth to turn in better ways moving forward. From day dot, before even earning an income themselves, the founding directors created the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®  - a nonprofit that helps support community development projects in sourcing communities. These kinds of projects include funding for and building of schools, health clinics, training facilities, and clean water systems. 

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation also partners with a variety of other organizations to support disaster relief. Some of these are - 



doTERRA generously donates to cover all administrative costs of the foundation so that 100% of all donations go directly to aid. When you partner with the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, your donation could save a child from human trafficking, repair a home devastated by a natural disaster, or help provide someone with access to healthcare. 

As Gaia resets and old structures of the world fall apart, don't you want to be part of such an amazing company moving forward? Please reach out and I will personally get you started on your doTERRA journey with essential oils, a fb support group, and education suited to your needs. If I don't personally have the knowledge you need, I will point you in the right direction - there are amazing highly qualified people who use doTERRA essential oils and there are a range of resources available to you. Here is one of my favourite links for beginners - it's called I love oils

Are you interested in moving forward with your essential oil journey?  

Two ways forward for you - The first is to contact me and we'll chat about your needs and I'll walk you through the best kit, or oils, based on your needs and budget. The second, is to go to my doTERRA Advocate link here and click on 'Join and Save' to get a wholesale account for yourself. This is great if you know what you want and are ready to take advantage of wholesale prices. I  will still be your mentor, the same as if  I had personally guided you through the sign up. 

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