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Guided Meditations
- your ticket to Aligned Harmony

Meditations are very close to my heart. I have been recording and sharing my unique guided meditations for over 15 years now. You will find them here on the website on different healing pages, inserted as a support for distance clients. Initially I made recordings so that I could relax and have the same level of healing as my clients and meditation participants were getting. I still listen to my own meditations all the time - I know that sounds wierd but I also know my channel is pure and my technique is deeply relaxing and provides me (and you!) with healing energy shifts. The thing I love the most is that there is no drama or trauma in any of the work I create - it is all very still and done with correct preparation, often in an Akashic Channel of Light. 

How to get my meditations in your life?

Click on the Gumroad App button, follow me on Gumroad, and download some of my mp3s and mp4s - then it is easy to keep them all in the one place on your phone, or any device.  You can then download them to keep in a folder somewhere for yourself - that way you are organised with or without internet access (apps use data). 

Another option is to follow me on Insight Timer, then it is easy to listen to a range of guided meditations as I load them up. Also - if I have a high review rating and get at least100 followers on Insight Timer, I can start loading up simple $20 courses! That would be fun wouldn't it?  Feel free to let me know what simple course/s would appeal to you.  'Third Eye Activation', 'Trusting My Intuition'  and 'Sleep' seem to be popular requests so far. 

Featured Meditation

This month's featured recording for you to come here and listen to anytime is my new 'Relax in Nature' recording. It is the beginning of a group of 10 nature video meditations I am currently editing. The introductory price for this first meditation is only $5 (on Gumroad).  Then you get the rest for free ... as the price goes up and more meditations are added, you get the new offerings but don't get charged extra cost. Cool hey?  Enjoy!

Relax in NatureValentina Mathias
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featured recording
Relax in nature with my guided meditations ... be transported to your own spiritual connection
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